Friday, 2013-05-10

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simonpbhi folks! :)09:24
simonpbcan anyone tell me in which repository i might find: libqttracker-devel ? mer, nemo, ...?09:24
simonpbSailfish SDK VM does have this library. But am not able to find it for my VMs.09:25
simonpbthx, wait ill check...09:25
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simonpbi cannot find it here:
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simonpbthere are some tracker RPMs under Middleware:
simonpbbut no libqttracker-devel09:28
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kontiosimonpb: libqttracker is deprecated... it's still in Sailfish SDK, back then it was still in nemo...09:31
simonpbis actually tracker still THE WAY to retrieve music albums etc?09:32
kontioand needed by e.g. buteo-mtp, but that dependency got removed...09:32
simonpbkontio: Aha! deprecated, so what would be the RIGHT way to get music list?09:32
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kontiosimonpb: QtSparql should be used to talk to tracker...09:33
simonpbkontio: alright, yes QtSparql is there alright.09:34
simonpbkontio: thank you for the update. BTW, where do i find such information about deprecated packages etc. or what is planne to be deprecated, or used in the near future/ Any page on WIKI?09:34
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kontiosimonpb: guess unfortunately there is not central place with such info... or even a planning wiki at that moment...09:37
simonpbkontio: thx! over and out!09:39
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Stskeepswello :) so what brings you here?12:01
joeri'm just reading about mer for my first time12:01
joeri'm not sure what mer SDK is. Can i compare it with android sdk?12:02
*** lamikr has joined #mer12:02
Stskeepsnot entirely - mer platform sdk is a tool to help develop mer and mer based systems12:02
joerok, i will read some more wiki articles and then come back12:03
joerwhat di you mean with mer based systems. it is like a minimal distribution where you can build an UI on top of it?12:12
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer12:17
joerare there some examples how to start with make an UI? A example how to start a qml application to draw a black screen. something that will tell me how to start first, when i want to make a mer based system .I own a raspberry pi, is it supported by mer?12:17
Stskeepsyes, there's a wiki for that device12:18
*** tetris4 has joined #mer12:23
joercould be mer a good choice for building an UI (with window manager, and so on) with qt qml for htpc?12:27
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Stskeepsothers have done that before too12:30
Stskeepscar pc for example12:30
*** M13 has joined #mer12:31
joerdoes mer sdk have built-in support for ipc like dbus?12:31
Stskeepsmer has ipc yes12:31
Stskeepswith dbus12:31
joerok thats good, thank you for your time. i will research some more and not waste your time :)12:33
SageStskeeps:;a=commit;h=1aef00ac187ee6124bbd1467d8712393116f4013 BOOM!12:44
SageStskeeps: do version comparison12:45
Sageit should be +git1.masterSHA + git2.masterSHA etc.12:46
Sageautomatic updates fail
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Sageperl update has some badness in it as well12:50
Sageo_0 why is epoch in perl raised from 2 to 4 in normal package update?12:51
Stskeepswhat's issue with perl?12:51
Sagepackage dependency issue but haven't tracked it down yet12:51
Sageanyway automatic updates fail on that as well12:51
Stskeepscould you send a fix for libresourceqt? i'm kind of deep in something12:52
Sageperl core package shouldn't really define version12:54
Stskeepsverify it wasn't like this in past though12:56
Sageperl-core defines Epoch: 0 and perl Epoch: 412:56
Stskeepsthere's a -> merged to see what changed12:56
Sageperl is epoch mess atm. needs fix12:56
Stskeepssure, a good time to get it done12:57
Stskeeps(though i can't do it right this instant)12:57
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Sagethere are more :)12:58
Sagesensorfw has also update problem and possibly qt512:59
Stskeepsqt modules has problems due to ~ issue12:59
Sageah, sensorfw obsoletes itself :D13:02
Sage  97 Provides:   sensorfw13:02
Sage  98 Obsoletes:   sensorfw13:02
Sagewhat ever that is supposed to do13:03
Sageas sensorfw has still content in it13:03
Stskeepsperhaps a bringover from sensorfw-qt513:03
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Sageand perl removes Compress-Zlib package without proper obsoletes/provides13:06
Sagewhere should be as it seems to be missing13:07
Stskeepsit was removed from being to
Stskeepsby upstream13:08
Stskeepsstuff like that happens at times13:08
Sageah, I see also the pkgconfig should require Qt0SystemInfo thus not build and blocks atm.13:11
Sagew00t: ^13:13
SageStskeeps: rest of the qt5 stuff are still libQt5* except that one?13:13
w00tI thought I fixed it already13:14
w00twill fix13:14
w00tthat's jolla-next, so I can't test build with mb13:16
w00ter mer-next13:16
w00tdoes anyone have mer-next readily available? i'm interested in the contents of QtSystemInfo's pc13:17
w00ti.e. if it now has an explicit dependency on QtNetwork13:17
w00tStskeeps: any way I can check? I'd like to remove that hack while I'm at it13:22
Stskeepsrpm2cpio foo.rpm | cpio -idv13:23
w00t ?13:24
Stskeepsif timestamp looks right13:24
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Sagewhat is sensorfw-qt4-compat suppoesd to do?13:33
Stskeepsqt4 support for qt5 sensorfw daemon i think13:34
*** PMG has quit IRC13:35
Sageljp: ^13:36
Sageso when is that package supposed to be installed?13:36
Sagecurrently on update it removes sensorfw package even if qt5 stuff isn't installed.13:37
Sageor tries to13:37
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* Sage ponders why perl packaging is such a huge mess14:00
w00tSage: who touched it last and when? :D14:01
SageMerSDK [sage@sage-x230 perl]$ grep exclude *.spec | wc -l14:01
* Sage :facepalm:14:01
Sagesomeone liked to use %{exclude} apparently14:01
Sage2596 perl.spec14:03
Sageover 10% of the spec is something that do not need to be there :)14:04
Stskeepsif you cause obs workers to blow up again, i will be upset14:04
Sage# FIXME - note this will need to change when doing the core/minimal swizzle14:06
Sagewhat does that mean?14:06
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w00tRequires: Qt5Core Qt5Network Qt5Gui14:08
dm8tbrSage: swizzle sounds like thingamabob aka 'something'14:09
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w00tSage: fixed libcontentaction btw14:41
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Sagew00t: thanks14:53
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Sagew00t: where is libresouceqt upstream that we use?15:06
Sage this doesn't seem to be it15:06
Sagesame question for sensorfw15:07
Sage doesn't seem to be tat either15:07
Stskeeps /sensorfw15:07
Sagecan I ask people to _tag_ new versions ffs :D15:08
* Sage fixes urls in packaging15:08
w00twouldn't it be great if our releases were tied to tags, so we didn't have one without the other? :p15:08
Sagesry, this perl pakaging is making me a bit tense :)15:09
phaeronw00t: :)15:10
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SageStskeeps: first one
SageStskeeps: first one
*** spiiroin has quit IRC15:14
*** jalyst has joined #mer15:15
SageStskeeps: second one though I'm not 100% sure about this, but should do it for now.15:16
Sageperl will take a bit more time to fix :/15:16
Stskeepsdid you build test them?15:16
kaltsiI wonder what would be the best sb2 build acceleration option for python? Currently it's broken, so I need to write a new rule for it. Should a package explicitly declare that it wants to use accelerated python (export XYZ in spec file) or should it be automatically accelreated if a package buildrequires it? If something fails a package can turn the accel off with another export.15:19
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:20
Stskeepskaltsi: i kinda like the ability to do export SBOX_REDIRECT_IGNORE= in  %if %{?qemu_usermode}15:20
kaltsithat will be possible15:21
Stskeepsthen you can indicate "yes, please do this, i declare it's safe"15:21
*** woweric has quit IRC15:21
kaltsiok if you want that then I can put in the default rule that: if python in target then check if in tools and accel otherwise use from target.. and that export will override it15:22
*** dijenerate has quit IRC15:22
* Stskeeps tries to parse that15:22
*** woweric has joined #mer15:23
* Sage doesn't even try15:24
Stskeepshow about don't accel by default unless overriden?15:25
Stskeepspython isnt safe, it can take in modules15:25
*** pcat has joined #mer15:25
kaltsiyep that's simple15:25
kaltsiI added the new type of if-exists checking for doxygen now to sb215:27
*** spiiroin has joined #mer15:30
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* Sage thinks he got perl fixed15:36
Sagetime for build test15:36
*** dijenerate has joined #mer15:36
*** BGF has joined #mer15:37
BGFHello all15:37
BGFAnybody here willing to help me installing NEMO on n900 emmc ???15:37
SageBGF: more topic for #nemomobile channel really.15:38
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* vgrade likes the look of
* vgrade fires up the Pi16:40
*** dijenerate has joined #mer16:41
lbtvgrade: Sage will be making that a standalone repo too16:43
vgradelbt: \o16:43
vgradeok did not read backlog yet16:43
lbtit was a while ago - days maybe16:45
vgradeok, missed that16:45
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SilverNicktailHey guys, anyone around? Trying to run Plasma Active on my Nexus 7 (it's Mer underneath) and i've run into an issue I could use your help with.17:58
Stskeepscan always try to ask17:58
*** joer has joined #mer17:59
SilverNicktailbasically, i got it up and running, as i have before. the latest version is looking pretty good, actually. it works almost perfectly (the main menu doesn't seem to have acceleration). the problem that i have is that i can't tap some of the widgets in the tray. one of them is the wireless controls!18:01
SilverNicktailso i can't get the tablet connected to the network to get updates or fix anything. i was wondering if anyone knew how to get the system connected from command line18:01
SilverNicktailif i can use the command line to control the wireless that will at least give me a working system i can start developing against18:02
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SageStskeeps: perl18:13
SageStskeeps: needs probably more testing but looked good to me on quick testing18:13
Stskeepsok, will do a test build18:15
Sagedidn't notice anything else than those 3 broken so far in the -next18:19
Sagedevice works fine mainly the automatic updates that were broken because of those three18:20
joerMounting system directories...18:20
joerDirectory /var/run/dbus is missing in SDK root - please report this bug18:20
joeri'm getting this output by enter "sdk mount"18:21
joeron linuxmint with kde18:21
*** cristi has joined #mer18:22
joeri have also one other question. On there is said about application's asd and platform sdk. But i cannot find something about the application sdk. just this one meaning on this page18:24
joerapplication's sdk18:25
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC18:26
joeri want to develop a application, so do i need the platform sdk for this?18:28
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Sagejoer: for application sdk I recommend checking out the sailfish sdk19:18
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ljpSage: sensorfw-qt4-compat is for the sensorfw qt4 api needed by mobility sensors19:41
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ljpwasn't quite sure how to setup that installs19:49
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joerSage: i'm more interested in the "UI and Middleware" part of the architecture picture and not writing an application for sailfishos. is this part released as open source?20:08
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Stskeepsjoer: what you probably want to do is look into a tool/framework called lipstick20:14
Stskeepssearch for lipstick mer20:14
Stskeepson youtube20:14
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Sageljp: ok, lets not do obsoletes/provides yet like that. We need to add more things regarding that at some point but that is not the way.20:29
Sage7g 3120:29
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joerStskeeps: thx, i was looking for lipstick20:42
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* lbt wonders about armv421:39
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