Tuesday, 2013-04-30

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vgradekkszysiu: yes06:45
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slainelbt, looking at restarting my mer port08:48
slaineor rather, my rebase on mer08:49
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slainewondering if the https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/OBS_Setup is still relevant ?08:49
lbtslaine:  good to hear08:49
lbtthe github link is better08:49
lbtbut not perfect08:49
slaineI'll be starting from scratch08:50
slainewhats the github link ?08:50
lbtin that page08:50
slaineah, right08:50
lbtmake sure you use the Mer OBS build08:50
slaineI'll go take a look08:50
slained'uh, "The instructions on this page are being superseded by the scripts currently available here :"08:51
slaineshould have read first :)08:51
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slainelbt, also, what version of OpenSUSE is now recommended, is it still 11.4 ? Or is up to date 12.x ok ?08:56
slainegreat, thansk08:57
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kkszysiuvgrade_: is there equivalent of that patch for JellyBean/ICS?09:04
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vgrade_kkszysiu: I think the patch works for all, Stskeeps can you confirm bionic patch works for gb,ics,jb09:05
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vgrade_kkszysiu: I've used it on jb09:19
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kkszysiuMaybe I did something wrong then...09:41
kkszysiuFor example this patch adds lines like bionic/__set_errno.c toAndroid.mk09:42
kkszysiuBut I have __set_errno.cpp in bionic09:43
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simonn_hi folks :) can anyone help me with building a driver against kernel-adaptation-pc ?10:12
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simonn_when calling a: make -C /lib/modules/3.6.11-1.9.1/build it says: Not a directory / directory does not exist10:13
simonn_build is linked to : /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/linux-3.6.11 instead to /usr/src/kernels/.....10:13
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simonn_i branched kernel-adaptation-pc from  nemo:devel:hw:x86:x86-common10:14
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sledgessimonn_, this is how it's done in one of the kernel drivers I've come across: https://pastee.org/vqxdg10:28
sledges(full version: https://build.merproject.org/package/view_file?file=pvr-omap4-kernel.spec&package=pvr-omap4-kernel&project=home%3Asledge%3Abranches%3Anemo%3Adevel%3Ahw%3Ati%3Aomap4%3Apandaboard&rev=0afb54ebfcbff8d215db8a151a587918 don't get obscured by obscure '_' symbols which become invisible in my font :))10:28
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kkszysiuStskeeps: around?10:48
Stskeepskkszysiu: sortof10:48
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kkszysiudid you read conversation of vgrade_ and me?10:51
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kkszysiudo you think that http://pastie.org/7649385 this patch should work on jellybean too?10:51
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Stskeepstry http://releases.merproject.org/~carsten/bionic-diff.patch10:54
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yunta"... hidden symbol `__clear_cache' isn't defined"11:32
yuntais that some known-problem ?11:32
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Stskeepsyunta: context pleas11:38
yuntaI'm trying to compile some modified mozjs, that uses __clear_cache, and fails at linking..11:40
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yuntait may be just a lib missing (-lgcc) or something11:40
yuntadamn, it is exactly that11:42
yuntanevermind then11:42
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Stskeepsgah, finally fixed the damn sb2-perl upgrade mismatch16:35
Stskeepsnote: if you touch perl and split out things in packages, test it in sb2 setting or i'll break your legs16:37
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phaeronStskeeps: are you talking to yourself ? :D16:42
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Bostik"if you touch perl"16:50
Bostiknot something I'd voluntarily do16:51
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w1nterHi All, can somebody help me or at least point to where to look for? I repartitioned my N9 and installed nemo as AltOS - partition is there and everything seems to be cool, but once I boot to alt os (volume down in moslo) it just stays at black screen? wiki says - try again - this doesn't seem to help..19:51
lbtw1nter: try #nemomobile too19:51
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lbtany ubuntu users having problems with testrunner-ui inside Mer Platform SDK displaying text as black blocks?20:17
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Stskeepsinstall liberation-fonts20:23
lbtI asked denise to check it was installed using zypper se fonts20:27
lbtand of course it comes up in the list :)20:27
lbtdid I ask "does it have an 'i' by it?" ... no20:27
Stskeepsand we all learnt a valuable lesson today20:28
lbtyou know the column headed "S"20:28
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* lbt blames testrunner-ui for not having a Require: font20:29
* lbt feels guilty and checks gitk20:29
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ssvbStskeeps, vgrade: some libhybris experiments with test_glesv2 on Allwinner A10 hardware (Mali400 GPU) - https://gist.github.com/ssvb/549214821:44
ssvbprobably explains the relatively low FPS in Qt Cinematic Experience app21:45
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ssvbare android drivers working better (with lower CPU usage) on other hardware?21:46
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vgradessvb: thanks , I did the perf test here also and found same result time in _schedule, Stskeeps may have some more details in #libhybris22:17
ssvbvgrade: thanks for the pointer, now moving to #libhybris22:20
vgradegood to see this comparison going on22:22
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ice3186_phoneHey guys I have a few questions23:46
ice3186_phoneI am thinking about trying to build sailfish for an lg optimus g and didn't know where to look first so I came here23:48

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