Friday, 2013-04-26

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Sagelbt: one worker died on phost1205:35
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StskeepsSage:,1332 we agreed was already merged?05:49
Stskeepsin another commit05:49
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SageStskeeps: yes and that 1332 has also a bug in it so abandon05:57
Stskeepscan't you click abandon by yourself, out of curiousity?05:57
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Sageah, yes06:00
Sageit is a bit confusing place that button :)06:00
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* Sage sees new mer release in his dreams ;)06:03
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Sage17:40.01 < lbt> ther first is handled by a symbolic link on the OS - zypper *does not* read
Sage17:40.30 < lbt> there is no redirect06:35
Sagelbt: don't understand that06:35
Sage zypper *does not* read <- ?06:38
Sagezypper ar myrepo06:39
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Stskeepsmkosola: taking the perl upgrade for a spin, let's see how it works..06:42
mkosolaStskeeps: Thanks, hopefully it goes in smooth...06:43
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Stskeepslbt: so far so good on glibc-rpm08:30
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lbtStskeeps: good - it really shouldn't actually break anything :)08:45
lbtsame with sb208:45
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lbtis fine09:28
lbtSage: so ... symbolic names in http repos09:28
lbtthat actually point to different fqdn09:29
SageI don't follow atm.09:29
Sagemeaning understand ;)09:31
lbtsorry - internal stuff - sec09:33
sledgesdiarrhea ?09:34
lbtSage: so ... repo url09:35
lbt[25/04/2013 15:38] <Sage> ->
lbt[25/04/2013 15:38] <Sage> ->
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phaeronso what Sage wants is an http redirect in apache09:36
phaeronthat's all09:36
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lbtI just feel that this is not the sensible way to do it09:37
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lbtyes it is possible09:38
lbtbut it feels like a layer of complexity and management09:38
lbtand I am resisting it since it now needs the webserver config touching whenever the link changes09:39
lbtit means that any service that ever pulls data needs to handle redirects09:39
lbtyes, zypper probably does that09:40
SageI have no idea what it needs but isn't there like .htaccess file that could be just uploaded with rest of the release?09:40
lbtnot afaik09:40
SageWell, I though there was thus proposing this really. Configuring webserver for this isn't really an option.09:41
lbtwhat I want to know is why you can't put the right url in the repo.conf09:41
lbtif we *have* to do this then we have to find a way09:41
Stskeepslbt: i need you to rebase your rpm change, not entirely sure why though09:41
lbtStskeeps: friday?09:42
phaeronif it is apache then .htaccess can work . if it is nginx then one redirect with a regexp will work for all releases09:42
Stskeepslbt: ah, you don't have - libsymlink.attr shouldn't try this in /usr/lib/debug09:42
Stskeepslbt: looks like a trivial rebase09:42
Stskeepsif you get it in, i'll merge it immediately09:43
Sagelbt: I though that something like search .htaccess would do09:43
lbtSage: I didn't know about that - but there is still a "why?"09:44
lbtStskeeps: ah, I see it09:45
phaeronlbt: what sage is trying to do with .htaccess is record the info of which mer was used with this nemo09:45
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phaeronlbt: that info doesn't live anywhere but in the "release"09:46
Sagephaeron: actually I have now that contains the id of mer09:46
phaeronSage: yes but zypper and ssu can't use that file09:46
Sagephaeron: yup09:46
phaeronlbt: ssu doesn't have that info09:46
phaeronssu uses what the server gives at 'latest-devel' for example09:47
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lbtit simply feels like a poor solution09:49
Stskeepsanyway, doesn't this boil down to if server configuration allows .htaccess to use RewriteEngine?09:49
Sagemore or less I think09:50
lbtStskeeps: it's technically possible - but I think it's ugly ... and ugly solutions tend to bite09:50
Stskeepsi agree with lbt that it shouldn't be in server configuration09:50
Stskeepsie, the rewrite09:50
lbtI would like to see a solution which updates the on-device repos with a coherent set of urls09:51
lbtsure for this simple case a server side works09:51
lbtnow if I want nemo with a new mer to test it... fails09:51
Stskeepseither way: sage is responsible for nemo release management and if he feels it's a solution given nemo's release process and what he knows about ssu, then i don't (personally) see any problem with allowing this from .htaccess09:52
phaeronmanually from your device you can do what you want :)09:52
Stskeepsbut perhaps sage can demonstrate the solution09:52
Stskeepsas it doesn't seem to be fully understood when explained in words09:52
lbtguys :   [26/04/2013 10:39] <lbt> and I am resisting it  <<< not refusing :D09:52
Stskeepsyes, i know :)09:53
Sagelbt: if you want to test new mer release it is anyway manual work at some point as you are bypassing the normal release process.09:53
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lbtSage: yeah - given you can manage using htaccess I'm kinda happier09:53
Sagebut yet again, if you are using nemo snapshot with any other mer release it was compiled against there is no guarantees of anything09:53
lbtI am also thinking that this doesn't commit us to anything09:54
Stskeepsso, my proposal is that we verify that htaccess can be used to do rewrite rules, sage shows how it works and then we can argue about that :P09:54
Sagelbt: as said never was consider doing http server configuration09:54
Stskeepsand we get on with work ;)09:54
lbtphaeron:  as a web guy are you happy enabling .htaccess ?09:54
lbtsecurity wise09:54
phaeronif you trust people who login then it is fine09:54
Stskeepsyou can only shoot yourself in the foot under your domain/path anyway09:55
lbtso phaeron could you do the honours - I'm not that familiar with it09:56
StskeepsAllowOverride wasn't it?09:56
Bostikdidn't AllowOverride [foo] limit which directives are honoured from .htaccess?09:56
lbtphaeron: ty - saves me reading the manual :)09:56
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lbtlonger term I think I would prefer to get ssu to obtain a coherent set of urls for a given mix of repos09:57
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* lbt goes to rebase rpm09:59
Stskeepsthanks, i get to upgrade perl/glibc/scratchbox2 at same time09:59
Stskeepsand util-linux09:59
Stskeepswhat could possibly go wrong09:59
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sledges(.. Half-Life .... Test Chamber ...)10:05
* sledges thinks what a huge packaging heritage we will loose when COBS goes down10:09
sledgeswould be nice to scramble all .yamls and .specs of currently not broken and succeeded projects10:10
sledges(*succeedded compilation that is ;P )10:10
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Bostikhm... should I migrate my slightly-abrasive-edge Qt5 packaging from COBS?10:14
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sledgestick tock tick tock :)
lbtStskeeps: - also on
lbtwhich still has permission issues10:25
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Stskeepsabandon,1335 ?10:28
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sledgeslbt, dearly needs (for the use-cases that I just pasted in #nemomobile )12:23
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* sledges hears lbt saying, "file a bug" ;)12:24
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CosmoHillhi sardini20:21
sardinihi CosmoHill20:21
CosmoHillhow are you?20:21
sardiniboring so coding, or coding so boring, I don't know20:22
CosmoHillwhat are you colding?20:25
CosmoHillhave a nice comic to cheer you up:
CosmoHill(contains a lot of swearing)20:27
CosmoHillnot suitable for children or people who use office 199720:27
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sardiniCosmoHill, I  ll try to code a app to count tennis point, because my friends and me never remember the last score20:27
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CosmoHilldo you have bbc1?20:35
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* CosmoHill is watching Have I Got News For you20:42
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CosmoHillsardini: you're missing out on a QI Compliation21:05
sardiniI miss what?21:06
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* CosmoHill yawns22:48
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shadeslayerhi, is there a basic rootfs with X and Plasma Active?23:06
shadeslayerthat I can just untar onto my disk23:06
shadeslayeror do I need to create my own images23:06
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