Sunday, 2013-04-21

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Bostikvgrade: that looks a bit different, I ran into ld needing to address more than 3.2GB of memory05:46
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vgradenice fast boot here,
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cristiI wonder how do they do it09:49
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vgradethere is a good explanation of some of the things you can do on the freescale imx6 site09:49
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vgradea hot topic for IVI users due to US regulations on rear view camera availability09:51
cristifirst I saw it I thought it's actually not a full boot but a wake up from suspend09:53
cristibut they are really booting it up from scratch09:53
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BostikI might know a few of the tricks used to get those insanely fast boots11:29
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Bostikapparently intel is no longer the only one who plays with dirty tricks on NAND block allocation11:30
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Bostikand it was someone here who mentioned that there were such things as "alias NAND blocks", which I had never heard until then11:31
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vgradeStskeeps: I've just done a buld of minimal Pi image and getting 'could not find a Qt installation'14:59
vgradeset QT_SELECT=gt515:00
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vgradestill same, I have qt5-qtcore and qt5-qtgui installed15:00
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Stskeepsinstall qt5-default too15:02
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vgradeStskeeps: the default package installs default.conf which is a link to qt5.conf which is not installed15:08
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Stskeepsvgrade: arh15:31
Stskeepsthere's fixed package fo that already but not released15:31
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vgradeand it looks like you need to install qmake to get 5.conf15:36
Stskeepsit's a bit changed later on15:36
vgradeok, no probs, I can work around15:37
vgrademanaged to get latest qtwayland built against 5.0.1 for brcm so just testing that now15:38
vgradecouple of patches required15:38
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tcbmoin. I'm using plasma active on my nexus 7. When I try to ssh to or from the device the sshd-daemon dies. Is this a known bug, or shoudl I report it?16:55
rcghi tcb17:12
rcgwhich rootfs tarball are you using?17:12
rcgbtw. for pa specific question there is also #active17:13
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vgradeStskeeps: qtwayland working on Pi again,17:34
vgradeStskeeps: also ran QtCinematic -platform wayland17:35
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vgradenot as silky smooth as QtCinematic -platform eglfsrpi but nearly17:36
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vgradeStskeeps: the compilation of the different wayland plugins is not controlled by the environment variable anymore so spec file needs some wor so we can have one spec for each plugin17:52
vgradeas we did before17:52
vgradewill look at that next unless there is anything else17:53
tcbrcg: plasma-active-nexus7-devel-mer-latest-2013-04-06.tar.gz17:53
vgradeor may look at hawaii17:55
rcgtcb alright, that's the latest tarball17:56
rcgdid you try do update?17:57
rcgbtw. please note that the current devel tarball is based on the development version for pa 417:57
rcgwhich is, afaik, under heavy development17:57
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tcbrcg: yes I used zypper ref/up and restarted sshd using "systemctl start sshd.service"18:01
tcbI also did a full reflash, to be sure, that there wasn't some error while isntalling... But I got the same result18:01
rcgtcb, did you enable developer mode in the settings?18:01
rcgafaik, that's a new change in pa 4 that you have to explicitly enable developer mode18:02
rcgbut i am not quite sure18:02
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tcbyes, but it adds an i586 repo18:02
rcgdidn't really have the time to test the new rootfs tarball18:02
tcbI manually edited the .repo file and changed it to arm7hl [hope that is correct ^^ ]18:02
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rcgtcb, i think so :)18:11
rcghmm, shouldn't it be "armv7hl"?18:11
rcgnote the 'v'18:11
tcbrcg: sorry, was a typo in irc.18:13
tcbrcg: concerning plasma: input on the pin/love/share buttons does  not accept any input18:14
rcgtcb, play around a little, i believe it depends on what content you have open18:24
rcgbut i also noticed that they seem to be inactive most of the time18:24
rcgotoh, i am no real pa ui expert :)18:25
rcgso, for more educated information, you may want to ask the guys at #active18:25
tcbrcg: in the browser they are active, a dropdown appears but does not accept input18:25
rcgah, yeah, that's an issue i also noticed18:26
rcgsome of the elements in the top bar the pulldowns don't accept input18:26
tcbnetwork manager is another candidate ^^18:26
rcgyeah, but i think that was fixed?18:26
rcgat least i recall some emails on the mailinglist wrt that issue18:27
tcbI can only use it via applet18:27
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* CosmoHill goes pop20:23
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vgrade launch soon20:56
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CosmoHillon wonder if they'll have aliens on april fools21:01
vgradenice onbaord camera shots21:12
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CosmoHilla three fingered hand reaches across the field of view before the screen is filled with static21:17
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CosmoHill hehehe21:19
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CosmoHillwhat's the monster's name, Elop or Elob?21:42
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CosmoHillnight night22:23
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