Thursday, 2013-03-28

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spiiroinlbt: I'm still getting 'not found' on, but06:56
spiiroinlbt: never mind... it works06:57
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slainemorning folks09:06
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situBad time continues for Nokia
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dl9pfStskeeps: is easily mds adaptable to serve others (e.g. w/o git and stuff )?12:21
phaerondl9pf: I am working on mds2 , can you describe how you would use it maybe we can come to an agreement :)12:26
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dl9pfphaeron: to start with - serve a static snapshot of opensuse or tizen12:41
dl9pfnothing fancy, just extracted from existing obs / repo12:42
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phaeronif extracted means the way mer is also extracted then I don't see why it would not work12:54
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dl9pfhmm, and how does the extraction work ? i just took a brief view at it and saw the git references and thats why I asked.12:56
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phaeronthere are two git related things in mds2 : the packages git which stores package source . this part should be optional , if not , can be made so. the second part is the project git which stores things like prjconf and metadata xml . that is probably not optional.13:00
dl9pfok, so at least on git is required right now.13:01
dl9pfprjconf can be static files (static release) for now13:02
phaeronthoretically yes13:03
dl9pfok, let me digg through it a bit more.  one more question, how do you cp over the files retrieved by dumpbuild (_repository?view=*)13:03
dl9pfextension in the publisher or ??13:03
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phaeroncp to which side :D , for view=cpio , mds2 generates cpio stream and chunks it to obs13:05
dl9pforiginating side -  or is this already the output of mds ?13:05
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dl9pfback to reading the code ...13:07
phaeronah that part was carried over from mds1 .. but I don't see anything that would need an extension in the publisher13:07
dl9pfok ... so I'm looking at the right code;a=tree;hb=HEAD ?13:08
dl9pfeek ... ok - reading this on first now13:09
phaerondl9pf: it is still a work in progress , so comments / ideas welcome13:10
phaeronhowever we are using it in production right now13:10
dl9pfok, let me read through it now as I have the right repo13:11
dl9pfi see13:11
dl9pfI'd replace an interlink with it in the end13:11
dl9pf-e too slow13:11
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phaerondl9pf: you mean replace an obs interlink with mds2 ?13:13
phaerondl9pf: then have you looked into download on demand ?13:16
dl9pfyes, know it ...13:17
phaeronsince you said static opensuse , we're using it to build against opensuse and debian and fedora13:17
phaeronI wrote that page13:18
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dl9pfok, tnx.13:20
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lbthey dl9pf - good to see you :D15:10
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dl9pfhi lbt !15:16
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lbtjust hacking away at some SDK things15:18
lbtdl9pf: that repo... try my tree:;a=tree;h=refs/heads/lbt;hb=lbt15:20
lbt I tried to consolidate the code somewhat and add some comments etc15:20
lbtmy tree is not actually used for doing the mer releases via mds15:21
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CosmoHillNIN101: Nine Inch Nails?16:51
CosmoHilldoes it stand for anything, like your initials?16:53
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CosmoHillhi rcg17:44
rcghi CosmoHill17:44
CosmoHillall man, my paper work is all over the floor again17:49
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vgradewelcome to the weekend19:36
vgradelots of hack time19:36
vgradewhat have you got planned?19:36
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KeltesethDoes anyone now how to read the cpu temerature on a WeTab/Exopc?19:53
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vgradeKelteseth: put your hand over the exhaust top left :) nice and tostie probably20:20
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Kelteseththanks ;)20:40
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CosmoHillhey everyone, how was your day?23:24
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Stskeepsit's never ending23:26
*** SfietKonstantin is now known as Sfiet_Konstantin23:30
sardinihello CosmoHill boring day and you?23:30
Stskeepswoke up 7am in hong kong.. and the day hasn't finished yet23:32
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sardiniStskeeps, you follow the sun or the moon ?23:37
Stskeepsa little unsure at the moment, anywhere there's a light inside23:37
Stskeepscurrently in dubai23:37
CosmoHillStskeeps: you day started on a tuesday febuary 2010 and has continued ever since23:41
CosmoHillsardini: been a good day, watched Khaos, saw grandad and had a pizza with friends :)23:41
* lbt prefers pizza with anchovies23:42
sardinikhaos very serious movie23:42
Stskeepslbt, so, what happened to release, ooi?23:42
Stskeepslbt, i'm a bit out of the loop with your timezone, so23:42
lbtoh yeah - I was waiting for objections or an OK23:43
lbtthen some tasks got important internally and then I forgot23:43
lbtis that an OK or just an okay?23:44
Stskeepsi'm honestly getting close to 24h awake-ness so i'm not sure if i should confirm anything atm23:44
Stskeepsbut if QA tests show no regression and no complaints from others, im ok with release23:45
lbtI'm around all easter23:45
Stskeepsyeah, i'm not sure i am23:45
Stskeepssomething bogna mentioned about us going outside warsaw for it in desolate area..23:45
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lbt*g* ... isn't finland enough?23:45
lbtI don't know what tests have been run ... aard hasn't complained about mer as such23:46
lbtand he's asleep now23:46
lbtI'll ask him in the morning and if he's OK I'll run it23:47
Stskeepsprobably best to ask phaeron too, but yes23:47
lbtphaeron: are you aware of any issues with mer?23:47
lbtI know he's awake...23:47
Stskeepsthis airport is funny.. there's an obvious alarm/breach of secure area23:47
Stskeepsand it's been on for 15 minutes by now23:48
Stskeepsnobody looking at it23:48
* phaeron reads backlog23:48
lbtbasically : shall I push the button for a release?23:49
phaeronI ran out of disk space and couldn't QA it yet23:50
phaeronwill start some light spring cleaning tomorrow and do so23:50
phaeronand give you results23:50
Stskeepslet's wait for that then and then hit butto23:50
lbtOK - I'll run hardlinks anyway23:50
phaeronnot on the git I hope :D23:51
lbtg'night all23:56
Stskeepsnite lbt23:56

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