Saturday, 2013-03-23

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dm8tbrgood moaning06:41
Stskeeps17 hours of flight+layover ahead, well, this should be fun06:42
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GentSirStskeeps, where are you headed to?07:02
Stskeepshong kong07:03
Stskeepsthrough dubai07:03
GentSirAh, I've only been very briefly outside the states07:03
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Sagelpotter: Stskeeps where is the mer tools release repos?07:28
StskeepsSage: hrm?07:28
Stskeepsi'm not 100% sure, lbt would know07:29
Sageerr... lbt :)07:29
* Sage ponders if it is
Sageseems so. lbt when ever we move to new obs I hope we refactor a bit the structure of repos and names :)07:31
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lbtSage: I need phaeron's webhook ui application too - phaeron is that open?12:56
Sagelbt: no idea about that only thing I know that we are now missing the vm.12:57
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lbtwhat vm?12:57
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Sagefor webhooks server missing for that12:58
SageI have no idea about the details though12:59
lbtOK - so webhooks need to be managed using a web app - yes?12:59
SageI would say yes.12:59
lbtI need both a mechanism for the git systems (github) to notify and a mechanism to do the hook admin13:00
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lbtphaeron: the only place I see the code atm is on jolla private repos - do we have a public copy yet? I have time to do it now,13:05
lbtcan anyone help test a new platform SDK tarball?13:09
Sagechangelog? I can check it out quickly.13:11
GentSirlbt, what testing is needed?13:12
lbtWe have : and are minimal/full versions13:12
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lbtessentially run through steps but use one of them13:13
lbt(full one is easiest)13:13
lbtGentSir: some steps may need some other knowledge - we can talk if you get stuck13:14
lbtideally that page should be able to be followed by anyone13:14
GentSirlbt, alright, I'll check it out13:15
Sagelbt: what is the diff with minimal and full here?13:15
lbtGentSir: ty - would be useful. If you stop for any reason please tell me so I know the task is paused :)13:15
lbtSage: pre-installed cross toolchains13:16
lbtminimal has none iirc13:16
lbtfull has all of them13:16
Sageah ok13:16
lbtI'm aiming to do a nemo-on-N9*-tailored version too13:16
lbtright now I'm working on the gitpkg side13:17
SageI would prefer it that would be called nemo-armv7hl-tailored version13:17
Sagementioning n950/n9/n900/or what ever is really pointless there13:17
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GentSirI started the download for the image and I'll be reading through the wiki page, if I have any issues I'll say something13:19
lbtSage: I agree - I actually call them mer-sb2sdk-i486-chroot-armv7hl in the yaml13:21
GentSirIs the platform sdk the same VM that builds apps for Sailfish?13:22
lbtsame fundamental packages13:22
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lbtthey're built by the same yaml description file too13:23
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lbtthe patterns/ say what packages are grouped together13:23
lbtthe yaml file contains various configurations13:24
GentSirAh. Sorry for all the beginner questions, I figured one of the best ways to learn more "practical" development would be to help out somehow with an open source project13:24
lbtit has both platform SDK and the virtualbox VM engine in it13:24
lbtyou are correct13:24
lbttesting the platform SDK is a great start13:24
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lbtmust tell xavimux if he appears too13:25
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GentSirI've downloaded and mounted the sdk, am at this point now: What should be done now? Is there something I'm supposed to try building with it or something like that?13:37
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GentSirOh whoops, I used the standard rolling release instead of the new build, should have read that better :/ I'll unmount and remove the standard one then retry with the new full release13:52
GentSirGotta do a reboot, brb13:56
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GentSirand back13:59
GentSirlbt, the wiki page mentions an OBS account, what is that?14:05
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lbtsee if that helps14:08
GentSirthank you14:08
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GentSirOkay, not entered in the proper SDK, what needs to be done to test it?14:25
lbtrun through the steps on that page - they exercise it14:27
lbtthen the 2nd part is to follow the SB2 link14:27
lbtphaeron: where's the mint repo for webhooks14:28
lbt doesn't seem to have it14:28
lbtoh nm -- boss-launcher-webhook is in webhook package :/14:29
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GentSirI'm doing the steps under "Building an Image" under Basic Tasks on the wiki now14:49
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GentSirlbt, sorry it's taking so long to run the tests. It's upgrading packages as per the wiki page and I'm on an awful connection.15:49
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lbtGentSir: no problem at all, take your time, enjoy, learn16:21
lbtI'm working on some other stuff anyhow16:21
GentSirActually, I literally just got done.16:22
GentSirI managed to install and mount the sdk, build a package, and add the extra tools with only minor errors. Here's a full log of my terminal for it if it helps in any way:
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lbtGentSir: thanks - want to run through too17:24
GentSirlbt, I've still got the same terminal up. Will do17:25
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