Tuesday, 2013-03-12

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SRGDwhat a nice day06:17
Stskeepscould be better, but yes, at least it's not monday06:17
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SRGDdid  you install  sailfish on  your vbox?06:20
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Stskeepsyes, though that usually happens over in #sailfishos :)06:22
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kaltsi/etc/rpm/ contains macros.* files.. are all of those read automatically when rpmbuild runs?09:54
kaltsijust thinking how qt4 qmake and qt5 qmake could coexist nicely.. qt-qmake at least installs /etc/rpm/macros.qmake which defines qt4 specific paths to %_qt_xyz variables09:55
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kaltsiand qt5-qmake installs the same file with qt5 specific paths09:57
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sledgeshere it's snow and frost in UK, spring welcoming!10:09
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kaltsiI'm thinking about the qmake packages because I'd like to accelerate qmake with sb2 in OBS builds10:25
Stskeepsthere's a 'qtchooser' solution as well i think10:25
kaltsione dirty solution that comes to mind is to make the qt-qmake and qt5-qmake packages install just symbolic links10:25
Stskeepsor just %qmake_qt5 or something..10:26
kaltsiStskeeps: I just read about it.. need to read more10:26
kaltsibuut for the obs builds, each package should only need qt4 or qt5, right?10:26
Stskeepsi'd really hope so(TM) but i've seen weird conflicts10:26
kaltsiqmake packages only install that /etc/rpm/macros.qmake and /usr/bin/qmake, the rest is all mkspecs stuff10:27
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kaltsiand the mkspecs stuff is already separated to /foo/qt4 or /foo/qt5 directories10:28
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kaltsiin principle they could install /foo/macros.qmake-qt5 and /foo/macros.qmake-qt4 and a symlink to the correct file could be installed for the build.. also the binary could be postfixed qmake-qt4 and a symlink /usr/bin/qmake could point to the one the package wants10:29
lbtStskeeps: Sage: asked asiego/notmart to discuss active/mer cobs .... chat today @ 13:00 GMT10:30
kaltsiStskeeps: I don't think the qtchooser considers rpm macros10:31
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Sagelbt: please ping me again when it is time if I'm not here10:37
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thplbt: trying the zsh package in the sailfish vm - get this error while installing: http://pastebin.com/hiZTJgy3 (seems like a packaging bug?)11:40
Stskeepsdoes /bin/zsh exist?11:40
Stskeepswithin the package11:41
Stskeepsor is it in /usr/bin/zsh11:41
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thppackage contains /usr/bin/zsh11:42
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thphere's the corresponding .spec: https://github.com/mer-tools/zsh/blob/pkg-mer/zsh.spec11:43
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lbtthp: that does seem to be a wtf11:45
Stskeepsit means there's a #!/bin/zsh script11:45
lbtautoprovreq scans the files it installs ?11:45
lbtnot just the %post.... yeah11:46
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thp"git grep '#!/bin/zsh'" tells me that there are a few of them. best way would probably be to add a symlink /bin/zsh -> /usr/bin/zsh (the other option would be patching the shebang line in ~ 11 files)11:50
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Sage_thp: fix sheban in ~11 files would be better way imo.11:54
lbtusually the configure/install process does shebang handling in scripts11:54
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lbtsymlink is bad - we're planning on usr-merge11:55
lbtso /bin -> /usr/bin   so a symlink would be linking to itself11:55
lbtdoes configure take some --prefix option ?11:56
thplet me have a look11:57
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thpthe thing is, as the scripts are all functions installed into zsh-specific directories, they will never get called directly, only by zsh's module/function loading mechanism12:01
thpso maybe disabling the automatic dependency from shebang lines could do the trick12:02
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lbtIMO they should have some m4 macro (or similar) as the shebang line12:04
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lbtbut your idea is fine too12:05
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thpfound --bindir, this can be used for what i want to do12:12
thpbut while we're at it - how to add entries to /etc/shells (postinst) and remove them again (prerm) in rpm world?12:13
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lbt%post macros and %preun12:17
kaltsidebianutils has add-shell and remove-shell, let's port those to mer?12:19
kaltsithey're just scripts12:19
lbtembedded distro12:19
lbtjust kinda KISS12:20
lbtI have no problem adding that stuff to Mer:Tools though12:21
* lbt wonders how long until Mer Tools is bigger than Mer Core12:21
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kaltsiStskeeps: this tnhl bug.. just a simple dlopen call will cause the crash12:36
Stskeepskaltsi: intruiging12:36
kaltsimain() with only dlopen in it -> crash12:37
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kaltsiat least it's easy to repro :)12:38
Stskeepsso perhaps something relocation related?12:38
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kaltsibtw we're building glibc with --hash-style=both , just 'gnu' could save some bytes12:40
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Stskeepsinteresting - i thought it was gnu only12:41
Stskeepsbut yes, you're right12:41
* Stskeeps notes12:41
thplbt: new commits (pkg-mer branch) + tags in https://github.com/thp/mer-tools-zsh, rebuilt in obs at https://build.pub.meego.com/package/files?package=zsh&project=home%3Athp%3Atools - installs and works fine for me here, including adding and removing the /etc/shells entry (taken this from fedora's zsh .spec)12:42
kaltsior a part of it gets built like that, not all of it.. apparently something gets built with "both" .. it's a long build log :)12:42
lbtthp: looking12:42
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lbt%define _bindir /bin12:44
thpfound that in fedora's package12:45
thpotherwise i'd probably have to hardcode /bin in %files12:45
lbtbash is /bin/bash ... OK12:46
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* lbt runs gp_update_service Mer:Tools:Testing zsh pkg-mer-
kontiolbt: so what git project/repo would be the right place to fork off some tdriver repos from gitorious which are in mer-tools atm?12:47
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lbtgithub for now ... but we're really close to gitlabhq for mer12:48
*** jluisn has joined #mer12:48
lbtpossibly fork to home on gitorious too12:48
kontiolbt: define close :-) days or weeks?12:49
lbtdays I think ... < 2 weeks12:49
lbtphaeron has been working on it12:50
lbtI need Debian:7.0 on mer cobs12:50
lbtthp: https://build.pub.meego.com/package/show?package=zsh&project=Mer%3ATools%3ATesting  building12:50
kaltsiwhere's the git repository for mer glibc?12:52
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Stskeepshttp://review.merproject.org/p/mer-core/glibc / mer-core/glibc on gerrit12:53
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kaltsiargh can't believe it.. the eglibc-2.15-disable-multilib.patch is 0 bytes there too >:(12:56
Stskeepsyes, that we established last week12:57
* Stskeeps makes a note12:57
kaltsiah, missed that.. just want to see what it would patch :)12:58
Stskeepskaltsi: could be interesting to grab a ubuntu chroot for armv7 and see if same problem manifess12:59
kaltsiStskeeps: yes.. I can see if I could do that13:00
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shalokshalom:D ? Somebody start already with the Port onto the Ouya Platform ^.^13:03
kulveshalokshalom: I hope there's really not much to port. It should work pretty much with the existing tegra3 HA13:05
shalokshalomOK ?13:05
shalokshalomNew Information ^.^13:06
shalokshalomWhat is to do ? Plasma Active on the Ouya is an amazing Dream :D13:07
kulvePA works on nexus7 more or less. WiFi might need some tweaking.13:08
kulvetweaking for ouya I mean13:08
shalokshalomkulve PA on nexus 7 works more less than more ?13:08
shalokshalomI wish me perfect an not more or less13:09
kulveperfect it won't be ever, I'm afraid13:09
shalokshalomWhy = ?13:10
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kulvewell, there's always something small to do and never enough developers13:11
kulvethe video shows the status quite well13:11
shalokshalomWhat is to do ^.^13:11
kulvee.g. the Qt on PA should use OpenGL ES backend, but there seems to be some instability issues with that.13:12
shalokshalomAnd we know why already ?13:12
kulveI don't think we know13:13
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Stskeepskaltsi: alternatively, take glibc from ubuntu and unpack it13:13
kaltsiStskeeps: that's probably less effort13:16
kaltsiubu's default gcc configure uses vfpv3-d16 instead of neon, but at least it's hardfp, thumb and armv7-a13:16
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thplbt: thanks :)13:19
lbtSage_: Stskeeps: #mer-meeting for #active discussion13:20
lbtfew mins late13:20
Stskeepsi'm around13:21
*** mdfe has joined #mer13:23
rozhkov_.win 1513:23
kaltsiubu has the multilib dir structure in the deb packages, oh well13:24
Stskeepslbt: i'm a bit overtired today for some reason, but my only view is that contribute based on usage and i'm happy13:24
lbtStskeeps: yep13:25
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kaltsiStskeeps: it won't crash with ubuntu libc13:31
shalokshalomtetris4 from chakra team13:31
*** yashshah has joined #mer13:31
Stskeepskaltsi: lovely13:32
Stskeepskaltsi: let's try to add mfpu=vfpv3-d16 to glibc build and see if it changes anything?13:32
kaltsiStskeeps: I can do that but I doubt it's that.. I'll try it just to verify it's not that :)13:33
tetris4shalokshalom: whats up?? =)13:33
shalokshalomall alright ^^13:33
*** bef0rd has joined #mer13:33
shalokshalomI get an old notebook as oresent, a 32 bit one, search a week for a nice kde centric distro instead of chakra.......and now the gpu sseems broken :P13:34
kaltsiStskeeps: btw at least in ci test:toolchain the cross-toolchain configurations say:13:35
kaltsichecking for version 0.10 (revision 0 or later) of PPL... no13:35
tetris4shalokshalom: tough luck =/13:36
shalokshalomWhat u do in Mer (-.-)oO The openSource World is a  Village13:36
kaltsiso it gets built without the cloog/ppl support.. but I still don't know what we really gain with that :)13:36
shalokshalomnow i will by a 64 bit one ^^13:36
shalokshalomwith chakra ?13:36
Stskeepskaltsi: :nod: noting13:37
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*** jluisn has joined #mer13:39
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leinirhmm... trying to build a package on obs against CE:MW:Shared, and having trouble with QtDBus at link time...13:57
leiniranybody got any ideas?13:57
lbtdetails? pastie ?13:57
leinirwell... there's a live build log here: https://build.pub.meego.com/package/live_build_log?arch=i586&package=calligra&project=home%3Aleinir%3Alibkok&repository=CE_MW_Shared_Mer_Core-next_i48613:57
*** jluisn has quit IRC13:58
*** jluisn has joined #mer13:58
leiniram i doing anything obviously dumb?14:00
kaltsishould you buildrequire it?14:00
leinirkaltsi: i did try that, with the same result14:00
crevetor_it's not in your spec anymoe.14:01
leinirnot anymore, but it produced the same error14:02
crevetor_why remove it though ?14:02
leinirbecause having it made no difference :)14:03
*** crevetor has joined #mer14:04
leinirPutting it back in, but yeah, shouldn't make a difference (as it didn't before)14:04
crevetorleinir: ok14:04
kaltsilibqtdbus4 gets installed to the target in the log file14:04
leinirkaltsi: that's what i notice as well - but specifically no devel partner for it... though i would expect (in that case) that libqt-devel was that14:05
leinirthere, same error with the explicit buildrequires in place14:06
crevetorand that wouldn't matter since it's a link-time problem14:06
leinircrevetor: yeah...14:06
*** SRGD has quit IRC14:07
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*** otep has joined #mer14:09
kaltsipass VERBOSE=1 to the make command in spec file, maybe seeing the actual command line gives more hints14:09
*** jayrulez has quit IRC14:09
leinirright, moment...14:09
kaltsiStskeeps: uhh what do you know.. no crash when built with -mfpu=vfpv3-d1614:11
kaltsiStskeeps: I'll get me coat14:12
*** jluisn has quit IRC14:12
Stskeepsso we have a real compiler bug?14:12
*** jluisn has joined #mer14:12
Stskeepsbut that's good, provided we have a workaround, i can accept vfpv3-d16 in glibc :P14:13
kaltsithere is a newer linaro gcc 4.6 too and even newer possibly coming out this week14:16
leinirThere, build failure with verbosity14:16
Stskeepskaltsi: ok14:16
leinirhttp://paste.kde.org/694262/ <-- complete error etc14:17
leinirderp, no, but yeah, very verbose output now anyway14:18
*** jluisn has quit IRC14:20
*** jluisn has joined #mer14:21
leinirjust search for lqtdbus in the output, first one... of ocurse ;)14:22
*** himamura has joined #mer14:23
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martyonehi, problems osc-building mer-core packages - http://pastie.org/6460890 . It worked before. Today I did sdk-version --latest. Any idea?14:26
kaltsiI wonder what does this do on the command line: -Wl,-rpath,::::::::14:26
Stskeepsmartyone: osc repos, and perhaps specify specfile name14:28
Stskeepskaltsi: that looks a bit funny14:28
martyoneStskeeps: osc repos issues single line: "Core_i586  i586". Specifiyng specfile name makes no change.14:31
Stskeepsmartyone: intruiging14:31
Stskeepsmartyone: try --clean ?14:31
*** jluisn has quit IRC14:32
martyoneStskeeps: no change with --clean14:32
*** jluisn has joined #mer14:33
Stskeepsmartyone: add -d after osc14:34
*** Shaan7 has joined #mer14:35
leinirwhat really weird me here is that it barfs on QtDBus, but not on QtCore and such...14:36
martyoneStskeeps: http://pastie.org/646105514:38
kaltsileinir: I'm playing with it locally here.. strange indeed14:39
kaltsileinir: if I take out -lQtDBus from the command line it works just fine.. or if I move it to the end of the cmd line14:39
Stskeepsmartyone: did it use to work?14:39
leinirkaltsi: Hmm! Very odd indeed...14:40
kaltsileinir: ah problem solved14:41
Stskeepsdo you have pkgconfig(QtDBus) as BuildRequires?14:41
kaltsi-lQtDbus it should be -lQtDBus14:41
leinirkaltsi: Neat! :)14:41
kaltsidunno where it gets it from but there's a b/B typo right there :)14:42
Stskeeps'works on windows..'14:42
leinirHmmmm... right, lesseeee... that comes in from libkok... Funkiness, but yup, i am actually looking at that particular place right now :) Thanks! :)14:42
kaltsino prob :)14:43
leinirdeep inside a dependency ;)14:43
*** FSCV has joined #mer14:44
martyoneStskeeps: I am 99,9% sure it did work :-) I have another mer-core packages next to it left from past and I do not remember any issue with those14:45
Stskeepsmartyone: that doesn't compute - you checked out a package from Mer:MDS:Core:i586?14:45
*** VDVsx_ has quit IRC14:46
Stskeeps.. does the other one work? ;)14:46
*** apostrophe has quit IRC14:46
martyonenot now14:46
*** VDVsx has joined #mer14:47
phaeronmartyone: are you using the new obs ?14:47
phaeronas in which obs are you using14:47
martyonephaeron: osc --version: 0.13514:48
*** xmlich02 has joined #mer14:48
phaeronmartyone: I am asking about obs apiurl you are using , as in osc -A <something>14:48
*** yashshah has quit IRC14:49
martyonephaeron: https://api.pub.meego.com/ -- I do not mention it on command line - it comes from my ~/.oscrc14:50
*** yashshah has joined #mer14:50
phaeronah I thought you were using the new obs. where I removed that project14:51
*** shalokshalom has quit IRC14:51
phaeronare you sure it is using the correct obs ? try the command with -A https://api.pub.meego.com14:51
phaeronjust to be sure14:52
martyonephaeron: no change14:54
Stskeepsi'm not sure that builds straight against mds has ever worked14:54
phaeronyeah was just thinking about that when looking at the pastie14:55
CosmoHillhave you guys stopped using pastebin.com?14:56
phaeronmartyone: try branching first and building against the branch14:57
martyonephaeron: ok, I will14:58
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kaltsihmm I hope me submitting changes to mer/ci bugs:tnhl project didn't trigger a full core rebuild?15:17
*** VDVsx has joined #mer15:17
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lbthe wasn't here long :)16:41
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lbtsiavoshkc: ah, you're back - hey16:51
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ka6soxlbt, he exceeded Max Q17:08
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mike7b4_lenovois sailfishsdk in sync with mersdk or is there any differences?20:12
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CosmoHillCanonical just love pissing people off20:42
*** pvanhoof has joined #mer20:44
shalokshalomQt on PA should use OpenGL ES backend, but there seems to be some instability issues with that, somebody knows why ?20:44
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CosmoHilldo you think Canonical will go "lol, just joking about Mir" in a month?20:48
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* lpotter thinks wayland folks will say, 'canonical, you're right', jump on the mir bandwagon and peace will envelope the universe21:05
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sardiniCosmoHill, for the first time there will be real difference between linux distributions21:58
SpeedEvildifferentiation in the worst way21:59
CosmoHillhi SpeedEvil21:59
CosmoHilli have an interview tomorrow21:59
CosmoHillI got emailed by a recruiter saying they had a job and would I be interested, description was eh so I asked for more information22:00
CosmoHillthey're in the same town as my old job so I was paranoid and asked if this company was located were my old company was22:01
CosmoHillturns out it's my old job22:01
sardininot sell the skin of the bear before you kill it ...22:01
SpeedEvildid you leave intentionally?22:01
*** chouchoune has quit IRC22:01
CosmoHillmade redundant22:01
*** chouchoune has joined #mer22:02
SpeedEvilgood luck!22:02
CosmoHillI emailed back saying I wasn't interested in my old job22:02
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC22:02
CosmoHillthe interview is for someone else22:02
*** imunsie has joined #mer22:04
CosmoHillold job was 9am to 5:30 with half hour for lunch for 16K22:05
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shalokshalomCosmoHill In Year ?22:05
*** CissWit has joined #mer22:07
shalokshalomNeary Nothing ?22:08
*** mvogt has joined #mer22:08
[ol]16K in bitcoins?22:08
CosmoHilloh also it was in a wooden building in a pig shed without heating or AC22:09
shalokshalomI love Pigs ^.^22:10
CosmoHillI was old before winter22:10
CosmoHilland spring22:10
CosmoHillsummer I didn't think for three weeks straight due to heat22:10
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* CosmoHill hasn't gone insane yet22:21
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shalokshalomBravisimo ;)22:25
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CosmoHillnight night23:43
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