Saturday, 2012-11-03

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situtimoph: Hey08:56
timophhow's things in mer?08:57
situI am trying to fix
MerbotMer bug 486 in tzdata "outdated tzdata package." [Task,New]08:57
* timoph 's been away for a while08:57
situLast comment says latest version is 2012f but tzdata has been updated to 2012h on official website
situtimoph: Which one should I update to ?08:58
timophhmmh. dunno :)08:59
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CosmoHillhey vgrade09:04
vgradeCosmoHill: morning09:06
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vgradeCosmoHill: looking forward to a 9 goal thriller?09:11
CosmoHillif I'd of watched that game I'd of offended the squirrels outside with my swearing09:12
vgradeoh it was 12 goals, 9 at half time09:12
CosmoHillwait, what game is this?09:12
CosmoHilloh in total09:13
CosmoHillthat confused me09:13
CosmoHillnot sure how we went from 4 - 1 to half time to 5 - 7 with like half hour extra time09:15
Stskeepssitu: latest one09:15
situStskeeps: I will leave a comment on the issue.09:16
Stskeepsso 2012h makes sense09:16
Stskeepslbt:,953 - seems like you forgot to run precheckin.sh09:18
situStskeeps: There's a package called tzdata-extras, I couldn't find it on official website.09:25
Stskeepsdon't worry about that one09:25
Stskeepsjust leave it in09:25
kulvevgrade: ?09:27
* Stskeeps ponders idly why he gets test plan validation failed in testplanner09:28
vgradekulve: the packages were unresolvable glesv2-p1 and mesa09:28
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vgradekulve: I added prefer to the project conf09:29
kulveoh, that's what Stskeeps meant earlier. Nice, thanks.09:29
kulveI need to do the same thing for my tegra repo09:29
vgradekulve: hows that going, do you have the board again this weekend?09:31
vgradeStskeeps: hi09:31
Stskeepsmorn vgrade :)09:32
Stskeepsdoes any of you have working h264 playback on mer r-pi yet?09:32
kulveI had some problems getting the wifi working, so I'm actually now testing if the nexus7 kernel would work on my reference board as well. That would make certain things easier09:32
Stskeepskulve: connman-test may be useful, connman is a bit rfkill-y09:32
kulveStskeeps: problems are related to the driver and/or firmware, not user space, I guess09:33
kulveh264 playback works on RPi. But not with gst09:33
kulvealthough I have been focusing more on tegra lately. I guess you can still decode on RPi with gst but not render09:34
Stskeepsi has new apartment, so it's time to think about how to put the r-pi's into usage, so :P09:34
Stskeepsoh come on, can't be down.09:37
vgradeI wonder if we could use the same approach that Rob Clark used om omap with eglRender09:37
vgradehe certianly thought it wouls be possible on Tegra09:38
kulvetegra seems to provide some gl sinks as well09:38
kulvefor gst09:38
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Stskeepsmorn mikhas, how was cph?10:04
* dm8tbr liked CPH10:06
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mikhasand dm8tbr's only comment to me was: "hm, I know your nick …"10:11
mikhasdidn't get to see much of CPH, mostly stayed @ the venue, running around like a headless chicken10:11
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CosmoHillyou sound like a sick dog10:16
CosmoHillor a dog being sick :/10:16
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lbtmorning all10:17
CosmoHillhey lbt10:17
*** morphis|away is now known as morphis10:17
lbtStskeeps: gah10:17
CosmoHillhey morphis10:17
Stskeepslbt: sorry :/ but i'll let it past with a single build test10:18
morphisCosmoHill: heyho10:20
* lbt looks at pre-commit hook for those packaged10:21
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lbthmm - I think I know what I did - I had 2 working copies with a symlink to .git :/10:29
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lbtFYI I have local git repos for packages I've worked on - then I can do periodic updates and ln -s .git rather than git clone --bare10:33
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situStskeeps: country code 423 is missing from latest wikipedia page
Stskeepswhat country was that?10:43
situIt's there in the tzdata-extras package, Palistian.10:43
situ| 423 || PS || [[Palestinian territories|Palestine]]10:44
situPalestinian *10:44
Bostikoh great, politicall [in]correct TZ data10:44
Stskeepsoh that's an interesting one10:44
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vgradeStskeeps: Saturday morning hack,
faenilmorning peeps10:45
Stskeepsvgrade: .. what's that?10:46
situStskeeps: wikipedia page in tzdata-extra package is from 2010, update it ?10:46
Stskeepssitu: yeah, please do10:46
vgradexterm on xwayland on qtwayland compositor10:47
situbig patch10:47
Stskeepsvgrade: oh.10:47
Stskeepsvgrade: well that's cool :)10:47
Stskeepsvgrade: input works?10:47
Stskeepssitu: may be of help10:47
ali1234are we still seriously at a point where there's no window borders?10:48
Stskeepsali1234: CSD is always a joy of fun to discuss10:48
Stskeepsali1234: qt apps have CSD at least (i think) but in most cases you don't want those on mobile anyway10:49
vgradeStskeeps: keyboard yes10:49
ali1234every window should have the exact same decoration regardless of whether it is Gtk, Qt, Motif, or raw xlib. if wayland can't deliver that it will not be accepted.10:50
ali1234maybe it will be accepted on mobile, but not on desktop10:51
Stskeepsali1234: it can have decoration fine - in qml compositor you simply wrap it around the buffer10:51
Stskeepsbut about the client side decorations i don't understand some people's opinion to have them in toolkits..10:52
Stskeeps is CSD, i think10:53
ali1234what do you mean "in toolkits"10:53
Stskeepsin gtk/qt/motif, etc10:53
ali1234well i agree10:53
ali1234they should only be implemented once10:53
Stskeepsi don't understand why it has to be there10:53
StskeepsVenemo: client side decorations10:53
Stskeepsie, app draws it's borders10:53
Venemowell, they have their reasons10:54
Stskeeps - it's not hard to imagine drawing a border around those windows as they're just qml elements10:54
Stskeepsvgrade: good work, btw :)10:56
Venemofor example, the status bar on harmattan and nemo is a CSD, a hack that allows every app to run fullscreen (getting the perf advantages of being fullscreen), but actually looking non-fullscreen10:56
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Stskeeps[11:53] <Stskeeps> Venemo: client side decorations10:56
kulveah, nm :)10:56
kulvejust wondering, because the statusbar is completely broken on my hardware10:57
Venemofor some reason, there is a huge perf impact when the compositor starts drawing things... see fremantle's titlebars or the notifications in harmattan10:57
faenilVenemo, +1000 to that10:57
Stskeepskulve: oh, is sysuid actually running?10:57
faenilI hate that thing10:57
faenilwhenever a notification appears, FPS drops to 2-310:58
faenilit's the same in Nemo from what I've seen so far10:58
Venemoalthough it might be different in wayland10:58
Stskeepscomposition is slow and should be avoided10:58
kulveStskeeps: I don't know what sysuid is. I see the status bar after a boot but soon I can see just background on that area10:58
Stskeepskulve: yeah, ps aux | grep sysuiid10:59
Stskeepsit's the thing handling the status bar10:59
VenemoStskeeps, but is it the same in wayland as well?10:59
kulvewill do, if I get this to boot again. I left my debug board at work thinking that I don't need it. But I'm actually trying to get a new kernel up'n'running so that would be quite useful..10:59
StskeepsVenemo: it really depends on how you want to do it11:00
StskeepsVenemo: nothing stops you technically from getting a buffer that you drop in yourself and show11:00
VenemoStskeeps, so how is it worth doing it?11:01
Stskeepsit, i mean :)11:01
* Stskeeps ponders idly if he should give Venemo a crash course in qml compositor..11:02
Venemowhy not?11:02
faenilme too me too :D11:02
Stskeepswell, is a good start11:03
Stskeepsget that kit up and running and it's easier to start develop with11:04
VenemoI don't have any hw with me right now11:05
Venemobut I'll definitely try11:05
Venemowhat surprises me a little is that you are working on this. I thought wayland is not yet in the scope11:07
Stskeepswell, the reference device is virtualbox11:07
StskeepsVenemo: as with anything, it's better to be ahaed11:07
Stskeepsthis is what will enable us to put stuff on android hardware adaptations with ease11:07
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Bostikfrom what I've gathered, there exists a rebuilt rpi shim with native wayland display type...11:09
StskeepsBostik: well, we have r-pi wayland + qml compositor too11:10
Stskeepsbut yeah, native support even better11:10
VenemoStskeeps, how is this related to android? I thought you could just use X there too11:10
BostikI like lean stacks :)11:10
StskeepsVenemo: you'd never be able to get opengl es11:11
StskeepsVenemo: zephyr's related to android through libhybris, where we can use existing android hardware adaptations11:11
StskeepsVenemo: and put wayland on top11:11
Venemoisn't that what libhybris does? (getting opengl es)11:11
Stskeepssure, but it wouldn't work for x1111:11
Stskeepsor at least, sanely11:11
Stskeepsdri2 would be a pain in the ass to add11:12
Stskeepseither way, if you want a lean and mean stack, you don't want x1111:12
Venemoby dri, you mean direct rendering infrastructure?11:12
VenemoI see.11:13
Venemoand yeah, I agree about X not being a sane stack at all11:13
Stskeepsso that's why we have zephyr.. and zephyr would be useful for even lower end too11:13
Stskeepswith shm only stuff11:13
Stskeepsshm being sw rendering/raster engine etc11:13
kulveStskeeps: I did see a status bar there couple of times but at least currently, the status bar area is just garbage and no sysuiid process is running11:14
Stskeepskulve: yeah, so it crashed11:14
Stskeepsno surprise there11:14
Stskeepsfigure out why it cores :)11:14
Venemokulve, what hw is that btw?11:15
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Stskeepsmorn phaeron o/11:17
StskeepsBostik: is qtwayland + qml compositor + xwayland11:22
Stskeepson r-pi11:22
phaeronStskeeps: morning :)11:23
BostikStskeeps: it looks good, but I'd be really tempted to see the 'x' prefix stricken from wayland ;)11:24
vgradeStskeeps: do you have the minimer link, can't put my finger on it atm11:24
kulvewhy there's no debuginfo packages for qt?11:24
kulveStarting program: /usr/bin/sysuid11:25
kulve0x40a5c4ac in QPainter::begin(QPaintDevice*) () from /usr/lib/
Stskeepskulve: /etc/zypp/repos.d/mer-core.repo , enable=111:25
kulvedid that11:25
StskeepsBostik: sure, without xwayland works too11:25
Stskeepskulve: zypper ref11:26
kulvedid that11:26
Stskeepsshow me the .repo file11:26
kulvethould the packages be in there?11:26
kulveare they?11:26
kulveright, I was then just expecting a different name.. syr11:27
kulve"additional 508.6 MiB will be used", nice11:27
Bostikone youtube-dl later...11:29
Stskeepsso makes for a nice development platform11:29
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faenildo you think installing S40 Java SDK on Linux via Crossover is a sane solution?11:41
Stskeepsthere's a lot of dead-ish platforms in that sentence11:41
faenilStskeeps,'s something I've been asked to do :/11:42
faenilbut since the app targets very old phones11:43
faenilthere's no other chance, you may agree11:43
Stskeepsfair enough11:43
kulveStskeeps: sysuid crashes here:
kulveI have no idea why11:44
Stskeepskulve: get a full backtrace ?11:44
Stskeepsany error messages in journalctl before it dies?11:45
kulved->ctx->d_ptr is somthing non-null but:11:46
kulve(gdb) p d->ctx->d_ptr->active_engine11:46
kulveCould not find operator->.11:46
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kulveno errors in journal11:46
Stskeepsmmmm, not sure11:47
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sroedalvgrade: how did you get xwayland working with the qtwayland compositor?12:04
sroedal11:58 < Stskeeps> composition is slow and should be avoided12:05
Stskeepsthough in some cases it's useful :P12:05
sroedalyep, you'll want to bypass the compositor when you're fullscreen though12:06
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VenemoI bet Stskeeps has some keyboard shortcut for :nod: by now12:11
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vgradesroedal: built xwayland and xf86-video-wlshm. /qwindow-compositor -platform eglfsrpi & Xorg -wayland -rootless :1 & DISPLAY=:1 xterm12:16
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VenemoStskeeps, btw, does wayland have a mechanism for running X clients?12:18
StskeepsVenemo: that's vgrade's latest tweet12:18
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VenemoI see, thanks :)12:19
*** NIN101 has joined #mer12:20
sroedalvgrade: ah, makes sense12:21
vgradesroedal: not very usefull but something I wanted to try12:22
sroedalcould be useful for Maui on desktop12:22
sroedalplfiorini: ^^12:23
plfiorinisroedal, thanks12:23
plfiorinisroedal, i've seen some progress on qtwayland very nice12:23
vgradeplfiorini: sroedal I can try that on Pi12:25
vgradeonce I fix my packaging12:25
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timophPi images don't bring up usb networking?12:56
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer12:58
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vgradetimoph: i'm working on wired ethernet. What is needed for usb ?13:06
Stskeeps , see bottom13:09
Stskeepsnevermind me13:10
*** morphis is now known as morphis|away13:13
timophStskeeps: that only boots to terminal?13:13
Stskeepsyes probably13:13
Stskeepsignore me13:13
Stskeepsit's old13:13
timophyeah. I'll need to build one that doesn't launch qml-viewer13:15
kulvethat's what I used with my RPi experiments13:15
timophthat's the one I have. boots to qmlviewer13:16
kulvechange the X-MER-QMLVIEWER.desktop in there, if you want it to do something else?13:17
vgradegood to see the QtWayland stuff getting the update to wayland 1.013:18
timophkulve: yeah. I was thinking changing the default run level to 313:18
timophjust can't find where it's set :)13:19
timophno inittab :(13:20
Stskeepswe use systemd, not a PDP-1113:20
*** faenil has quit IRC13:20
timophyeah. I know. my systemd-fo is not that strong :)13:21
kulvewhat's run level 3? Can't remember anymore..13:23
timophmultiuser without x13:23
Stskeepsif you don't want to boot to ui, don't install uxlaunch13:23
Stskeepsin %packages13:23
timophah. thanks13:23
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*** ortylp has joined #mer14:02
* Stskeeps ponders idly if qt5 + qtdeclarative and other modules can be statically linked together14:26
*** javispedro has joined #mer14:27
*** morphis|away is now known as morphis14:28
Stskeepso/ javispedro14:29
Stskeepshow's it going?14:29
*** Venemo has quit IRC14:32
*** pocek has quit IRC14:33
javispedroas usual! :)14:37
Stskeepssame here.. very busy month though14:37
javispedroyeah... actually procrastinating here :) (need to write a tech report I depise)14:38
Stskeepsdiving deep into android graphics driver specifics14:39
Stskeepsit's not so nice14:40
*** KaIRC has joined #mer14:40
javispedroTbh I don't like that it has come to having to scrape android graphics drivers to get ARM boards to work..14:45
javispedrobut, well, not much can be done by now.14:45
javispedroother than what you are doing :)14:45
Stskeepssaw that thp got NDK apps working too?14:46
javispedroI did not know that NDK apps did not have dalvik stubs14:47
Stskeepsi didn't know NDK apps were actually .so's14:47
javispedroI thought all of them were JNI .so's.14:47
Stskeepsthat was a bit of a shocker to me14:47
Stskeepsyeah, JNI .so's14:47
Stskeepsi thought binary exectuables14:47
javispedroso, what does he do with the dalvik stubs?14:47
javispedroaaah, they're probably generic enough for some apps to work14:48
javispedromakes sense14:48
*** Venemo has joined #mer14:55
VenemoStskeeps, the should be able to be, yes14:56
VenemoStskeeps, they should be able to be, yes14:56
Stskeepssorry, missing context14:57
*** arcean has quit IRC14:57
Venemono, I'm sorry. I answered to a half an hour old question14:57
Venemo[15:26] * Stskeeps ponders idly if qt5 + qtdeclarative and other modules can be statically linked together14:57
Stskeepsand next question, how big that binary would be..14:57
Stskeepsyeah, but >250mb?14:58
Stskeepsstripped, too14:58
VenemoI don't think it'd be that big no14:58
Venemowell, the only place where I've seen similar is when someone statically links Qt to his app. I didn't see parts of Qt itself statically linked together yet14:59
Stskeepswell, that's maybe a different direction14:59
Stskeepsthe question is always "how low can mer go"15:00
Venemowould it bring any advantages to statically link Qt itself together?15:00
Stskeepswell there was a significant discussion on load times, as an example15:00
Stskeepsno need to do relocations really15:01
Stskeepscombine that into a runtime with fork()ability like meegotouch-applauncherd..15:01
VenemoI see.15:02
Venemowould it improve the load time even if all the libs have been loaded?15:02
Stskeepsi mean, they'd have been loaded already when you fork()15:02
*** sp3000 has quit IRC15:03
Stskeepsjust thinking out loud :)15:03
*** sp3001 has joined #mer15:03
*** sp3001 is now known as sp300015:03
*** arcean has joined #mer15:04
Venemoyes, but if they'd've been loaded already, what advantage does it give to have it as a single, big lib?15:04
Venemowhy not just make a single binary which would load all the libs and which would then fork() ?15:04
Venemobtw Stskeeps, how exactly does the applauncherd work?15:07
Stskeepsit loads and pre-creates some things and then fork and dlopen's your app15:08
Stskeepspre-creates as in objects, like, for example, stuff needed for qdeclarativeview15:09
Stskeepsand your app takes over those objects in your own address space15:09
Bostikoh, maemolauncher all over again15:09
Bostikand zygote...15:09
VenemoStskeeps, afaik it just creates QApplication and QDeclarativeView instances15:10
lbthmm how to debug systemd on poweroff15:11
lbt"Stopped Connection Service" ... then hangs15:12
StskeepsBostik: yea, but considering the benefits..15:13
StskeepsVenemo: sure, that's one of the purposes15:13
Stskeepslbt: systemd.log_level=debug systemd.log_target=console15:14
Bostiklbt: can you attach strace to systemd before shutting down? that gives at least some hints as to where to look at (last accessed paths)15:14
StskeepsVenemo: that alone takes time :)15:14
VenemoStskeeps, yeah.15:14
VenemoStskeeps, the real win though would be if the results of the JIT compile could be cached15:14
lbtStskeeps: vbox vm - so the console goes away15:14
StskeepsVenemo: or pre-loading qml components..15:15
lbtBostik: could do that15:15
VenemoStskeeps, that too.15:15
Stskeepslbt: if you're into machocism, vbox supports serial ports15:15
BostikStskeeps: aye, the benefits are pretty clear - and I remember even seeing some design docs for maemo-launcher, where the stated reason started up from "app launch time" :)15:15
VenemoStskeeps, or maybe, just maybe, making qml components less bloated15:15
* lbt thinks video of console may be better :)15:15
Stskeepslbt: if you end up going down that road, socat is your friend and unix sockets15:16
lbtok - I'll just log it for now - it's only an issue on shutdown15:19
* Stskeeps throws bluetooth out the window and goes shower15:21
lbtbtw I cancelled the old phost415:21
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*** SfietKonstantin is now known as Sfiet_Konstantin15:22
* lbt stops running mer release steps on meego phosts15:22
*** nsuffys has quit IRC15:27
*** morphis is now known as morphis|away15:27
*** nsuffys has joined #mer15:27
Stskeepslbt:'s acting up btw15:32
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CosmoHillis mer just you two?15:48
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lbtthere's a lot of Mer contributors15:50
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VenemoCosmoHill, what kind of question was that anyway17:57
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CosmoHillVenemo: a dumb one19:11
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Stskeepslbt: i don't know what you did, but "%{name}" is back19:35
lbtsorry, let me take a proper look19:36
Stskeepsyeah, no upset or anything, just wondering how it came back :)19:36
Stskeepswould like to merge it soon so19:36
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CosmoHillhey dm8tbr19:47
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lbtso Stskeeps... what's going on here? I see "cross-armv5tel-binutils-accel.spec"19:58
Stskeepsdon't care about the DBC errors19:58
Stskeepsi'm going on the SBC for toolchain19:59
*** dm8tbr has quit IRC19:59
lbtok - so that passed SBC?20:01
*** kaziklub_ has quit IRC20:01
lbtand I don't see a log and am not sure what the %{name} problem is20:01
lbtthis may have been when tom was looking at it?20:02
Stskeepsline 2920:02
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lbtI didn't see the original comment so it never went away :)20:03
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lbtright, pushed again20:12
lbtnp - I completely missed that comment - not seen it before in gerrit20:13
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StskeepsVenemo: as an interesting statistic: , qmlviewer statically linked, stripped, 21mb binary20:37
*** jayrulez has joined #mer20:37
Stskeepsie, only the qt parts inside is statically linked20:37
StskeepsQtDeclarative has ~16000 relocations alone.. the statically linked qmlviwer binary, roughly 81220:42
Stskeepsw00t: ^20:43
*** dm8tbr has joined #mer20:43
VenemoStskeeps, sounds awesome!20:47
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* Stskeeps ponders idly what he can yield from this result20:55
*** dm8tbr has quit IRC20:55
VenemoStskeeps, but once QtDeclarative is loaded into memory, does this really matter anymore?20:56
Stskeepswell, not sure20:58
*** Jucato has quit IRC20:59
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ljpqtopia had a single executable mode - static linked. was very fast, but of course, could not add/run 3rd party apps21:08
Stskeepsljp: i'm pondering how it might fit into picture of a qml runtime, but yes, the 3rd party .so loading might be an issue..21:11
ljpwe were trying to look into ways we could manually load21:12
*** rem has joined #mer21:12
ljpnot sure how far they got21:12
ljpin single executable mode there was not even qt libs21:13
Stskeepsyeah, one giant linked image, only thing that got executed?21:14
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #mer21:15
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* Stskeeps contemplates what would make most sense, qml 'runtime' with fork()'ing and then loading qml stuff or static binary21:24
Stskeepsstatic binary for the 'runtime', that is21:24
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