Friday, 2012-03-30

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tripzerow00t, ztpad arrived today02:20
tripzeroit's mer time, ladies02:21
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tripzerothe wiki page on the ztpad/vivaldi is confusing03:45
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tripzerogunna need vgrade to point me in the right direction05:02
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SageStskeeps: <- any news on this?05:56
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vgradetripzero , hey06:04
SageStskeeps: <- only regression I could find in builds06:05
vgrademore instructions
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tripzerohi vgrade06:08
tripzerovgrade, yes, those are much better instructions, lol06:09
* tripzero updates mer wiki06:09
tripzerovgrade, after creating the sd card.  I just stick it in and reboot?06:12
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tripzeroahh, hold power button with Vol- button06:16
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vgradeno buttons required06:20
vgradejust put the card in unless you hace the newer C71 model with 1GB06:20
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vgradewhich from your comments I suspect you have06:22
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Sagelbt: pubworker07 seems jammed again and some workers are lost06:24
SageStskeeps, lbt: It seems to me that the armv7l and arm6l jobs are stalling all the worker atm. so nothing gets done06:25
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StskeepsSage: traveling today06:38
SageStskeeps: ok06:38
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vgradelbt, Stskeeps, good feedback from sb2 sdk on Vivaldi06:50
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lbtmorning all07:55
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lbtSage: I'll look again - it looks like there was a release problem for this pre-release on armv6/7l07:57
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Sagevgrade: that is good news08:00
lbtSage: I can help you fix 235 locally08:01
lbtif that works we should be OK on the obs08:01
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Sagelbt: well I checked that locally already08:22
Sageremoval of that line makes it working08:23
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lbtI think we need to remove Mer mappings from the sb2 package and move them to either/both SDK and OBS08:25
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lbtoops - I forgot to give an early warning .... SDK meeting in #mer-meeting now09:00
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slainelbt, good meeting09:29
lbtyep - I think it essentially means the SDK is ~stable09:29
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rippelHi, does Mer already have a system for automatic app updates? e.g. similar to what Android has09:54
lbtrippel: yes - but probably not in the sense you mean09:56
lbtMer doesn't really address 'apps'09:57
rippellbt: I'm having some difficulty outlining the scope of Mer then :)09:58
rippelmy understanding is that it's not too different from Tizen (which has some specific API). Is it wrong?09:58
lbtwell, Mer only really goes up to the toolkit layer09:59
rippelso it doesn't have 'Widgets' (in the Tizen sense)10:00
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lbtit provides the ability for vendors to both select and contribute components10:00
lbtdm8tbr: indeed10:00
lbtrippel: so at the moment Tizen's story is very much under wraps10:01
dm8tbris there a final word on deb-vs-rpm from them yet?10:01
lbtdm8tbr: nothing official10:02
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dm8tbr*nod* thought so10:03
lbtrippel: Mer will support HTML5 - if Tizen's HTML5 widgets are standards compliant then you should be able to run them on a Mer based solution10:03
rippellbt: so let's suppose I'm a vendor, and I write an app for Mer. Is it possible to provide automatic updates to my customers, or shall I write a specific app for this?10:04
lbtrippel: define 'app' ?10:05
lbtrippel: the short answer is that you can use existing tools in Mer for native applications or you will have to contribute a solution for HTML5 apps10:05
lbtthat solution can (should?) be based on something 'upstream'10:05
rippellbt: let's say a video player, with an HTML5 interface and which uses gstreamer10:06
lbtrippel: what is your vendor's app strategy?10:06
lbt(and zypper could work quite comfortably for a packaged app like that)10:07
rippellbt: I may want to wrap it into a 'package', pre-install it on my devices and sell them. But I would like to provide updates/fixes as well10:07
lbtthat sounds like the real requirement :)10:08
lbtyes, Mer provides tools that would support that10:08
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rippellbt: eheh yes, I'm thinking of a real product10:08
lbtie zypper/rpm10:08
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lbtIt is likely that you/we would extend the basic tools depending on the specific needs10:09
rippellbt: ok, like making point to my repository?10:10
lbtI *think* Nokia/Maemo extended apt to provide secure-apt in order to ensure that the code was only (trivially) downloadable to genuine device owners10:10
lbtyes, that's fairly easy10:10
lbtand you may look at the use-case in more detail and see additional things you need10:11
Bostiklbt: aye, they had virtual APT repos10:11
lbtBostik: *nod* ... I wasn't sure if secure-apt was invented for Maemo and moved to Debian  (I thought it was)10:12
Bostikthe virtual repository is such a beautiful concept that whoever thought it up certainly was a true engineer in heart10:13
lbtrippel: so I hope that helps answer your question - it's not a simple thing10:13
rippellbt: sorry for being devil's advocate, it's just for the sake of understanding... My understanding is that Mer is not too dissimilar from Debian. Let's say that I wanted to use it on a STB...10:15
rippelI would have to customize gstreamer, in order to match my chipset's features...10:16
lbtgood example - we have real vendors doing that10:16
rippelwrite my own UI, possibly using HTML5 + JavaScript...10:16
rippeland maybe I would like to have WebGL in the UI as well, for some cool effects...10:17
lbtor QML and Qt media components10:17
rippelI also may want to change my chipset every 9-12 months...10:18
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rippelsince I would have to port/cross-compile Qt, gstreamer, webkit, etc... and possibly make some adaptation for chipset's drivers, why should I choose Mer instead of a custom Linux? :-)10:19
lbtMer is designed to be a custom Linux10:20
rippellbt: (don't want to be rude, I *really* want to understand)10:20
lbtfirstly you shouldn't need to cross-compile much at all10:21
lbtwe support multiple arm flavours, and MIPs as well as Atom10:21
lbtbut if you want to - you can, we aim to make it easy10:21
lbtone guy built his own Mer in a few days this week just to do risk mitigation for mgmt10:22
lbtwe are working with vendors (like you'd be) to minimise the packages you'd need to fork10:22
lbtso gstreamer is a common example10:23
lbtthat means that the build, QA and code sharing systems, tools and processes are all in place10:23
lbtyou don't need to invent them10:23
lbtwe also want to make it easy to track Mer10:23
lbtwe have <350 package in core10:24
lbtthat means we don't churn as much10:24
lbtless QA, less cost10:24
lbtyou will want to track upstream as that means lower patch weight (and other bugfixes)10:24
lbtOf course all this assumes a mid-long term product strategy10:25
lbtif you want to build+forget then tracking upstream is less relevant10:25
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lbt(and some products are like that so it's a reasonable decision factoe)10:26
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lbtThe other part of Mer is "Code is not enough"10:27
SageStskeeps: did images for the latest snapshot currently uploading10:27
rippellbt: thank you, this was a good explaination10:28
lbtrippel: glad to help10:32
lbtrippel: so the other area that Mer provides (and very few other distros do) ... is vendor-oriented tools10:33
lbtby this I mean things like OBS, SB2, IMG and BOSS10:33
lbtand that's an area we expect to matter from a cost/efficiency point-of-view10:34
lbtanyhow - please ask if you have any more questions10:34 do i need an approval from a admin, cause i didn't receive a validation link yet10:34
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lbtenc0de: no, it should work10:35
rippellbt: at this stage I'm thinking whether it's better to adopt Mer (or Tizen, should it become more transparent...) vs a custom framework10:35
rippel...or (also) writing a custom framework on top of Mer/Tizen/custom Linux10:36
rippelthis is what I'm trying to understand10:36
lbtWell, Mer is supposed to make rejecting a custom linux a no-brainer10:37
lbtif you are considering Tizen then it's an alternative for those who want more flexibility10:37
rippellbt: what do you mean?10:37
lbtMer's tools are supposed to make setting up a custom linux 'trivial' - and we simply ship most modern linux middleware packages10:38
lbtso unless you're going for a really minimal distro (eg busybox) then Mer is a sane choice compared to custom10:40
lbt(oh, and we have busybox on the plans)10:40
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rippellbt: ok I've got one more question and one suggestion... :)10:40
lbtOTOH if you like the whole Tizen/MeeGo approach but you don't want to be lead by Intel/Samsung... Mer is an open alternative10:40
rippelthe suggestion first... my tech background is quite low-level (e.g. never worked on MeeGo-like things) and I think it's quite common in the STB/streaming industry...10:42
rippelso I find quite difficult to figure out how to customise Mer using its tools, e.g. mic, I mean how to select packages, customise them as required, compile and create the image...10:43
rippelas I'm more accustomed to the traditional toolchain process, or buildroot at most10:44
rippelso I would suggest a wiki page/tutorial in this direction, if you think it's sensible10:44
lbtpossibly combined with this:
rippellbt: yes I've followed both, but found they're quite hard to follow (at least for me)10:45
lbtOK - that's good feedback10:45
lbtI'd be happy to listen and fix10:45
rippeljust to explain myself, I can follow each step but 1) they're not necessarily sequential and 2) it's not clear if/why a certain step is necessary10:46
lbtOK ... well typically we expect people like you to evaluate things like Mer (and know you'll be working using them) so your opinion matters10:46
lbtalso, we are as open as possible - so once you get an answer you can edit the wiki yourself10:47
lbtwhich is good to know for the future10:47
rippellbt: now I've forgot my question :P10:48
lbthehe ... sry10:48
lbtAlso bear in mind that those pages are only weeks old - if that10:49
sledgesgood moaning10:50
Stskeepsrippel, btw, even if you don't choose Mer and go for custom linux instead, we'd like to know reasons, to improve ourselves, we won't be mad or something like that ;)  we understand the importance of choosing the right tool for the job10:50
Stskeepsmorn sledges10:50
rippellbt: question came back... you mentioned busybox, which is quite common for some chipsets' manufacturers10:50
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rippelwould it be possible to use busybox with Mer, instead of a full bash?10:52
lbtnot right now...10:53
lbtThat's something we're looking at because it is still important10:54
lbtiirc there's an experimental version around already10:54
rippelis it "just" a matter of integrating busybox, or there's something else preventing it?10:54
rippelsry didn't mean to interrupt you10:55
lbtit's mainly a matter of doing it in a way that we can all support10:55
lbtOne thing Mer does (and will do better as time passes) is continuous integration10:56
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lbtthat means that each change to core is subject to full builds on all arches and image builds and QA checks pre-acceptance10:56
rippel:nod: what would you say the current average footprint is? (space/memory)10:56
lbtso we'd need to define QA acceptance for busybox based images10:57
rippeljust to have an idea of min requirements10:57
lbthmm, there's a guy around who is pushing that down for his STB right now10:58
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*** araujo has joined #mer10:58
lbtStskeeps can proably recall the minimum mem/disk usage10:58
rippelI think it's quite an important point to help people choose :)10:59
lbtfor certain products, yes10:59
Stskeepsask me on monday, not at laptop10:59
rippelat the moment I haven't been able to go beyond the shell login on my platform, so I can't measure it myself reliably11:00
Stskeepsrippel: due to systemd we are very low on shell scripts for init process11:00
Stskeepsso busybox vs bash is less of an issue from mer pov11:00
lbtok - so he has 128Mb of flash11:01
Stskeepsrippel: did cgroups patch help anything?11:01
rippelStskeeps: unfortunately no, although cgroups are supported now. I'll reboot the device in a while, so that I can paste the log somewhere, if you fancy a look11:03
rippellbt: 128Mb would be good enough for me. So you think it's possible to run a "default" Mer system (shell and UI) with 128MB?11:04
lbtit would be tight but that seems to be what he's doing11:06
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RaYmAnhey, some guy managed to run linux+X in an ARM 32-bit cpu emulated on an 8-bit cpu ;) with 16mb externally connected ram.. ;)11:07
lbthe (sonach FWIW) said:  "Now the mainstream STB of Chinese markset is 256MB RAM, 128MB Flash. But 256MB flash is OK."11:07
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lbtrippel: also he said : "We change the FLASH to 256MB for all boards now."11:08
lbtso ... I'd say we have a real-life min of about 256/256 - he's using Qt too, not HTML5 ...11:09
lbtOK ... bbiab ... highlight me if you have any questions :)11:10
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rippellbt: thanks, that's very useful o know11:10
rippel*to know11:10
Stskeepsrippel: yep, log would be good11:11
rippellbt: I guess that, by not using HTML5, he's not using WebKit as well11:13
rippelalthough there's a Qt version of WebKit (I should try that...)11:14
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sledgesto all Lipstick QML lovers: here it goes hw accelerated on imx53. For the issues (if you could help) read the description:
*** xucdsp_ has joined #mer11:24
slainelbt, Where is that ipaccess rules stuff logged ?11:24
slaineI can't figure out why my current version is giving that error11:25
slainefound it, figured out the problem11:26
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Stskeepsrippel_: show me .ks too12:19
rippel_Stskeeps: here it is
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slainelbt, any ideas why by i586 schedular has "exiting (with complete info)…" in the logs ?12:52
lbtthe schedulers stop by processing commands in the queue12:52
lbtso issuing 2 "scheduler stop" followed by 2 "scheduler start" gets you a stopped scheduler :)12:53
lbtquite annoying sometimes12:53
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mdfe_Stskeeps: hi13:02
mdfe_Stskeeps: the next mer release will break the build of our fuse package13:02
*** andre103 has joined #mer13:04
mdfe_fusermount.c:295:44: error: 'CLONE_NEWNS' undeclared (first use in this function)13:06
slainelbt, Stskeeps, Is it possible to get MDS stuff to only sync ARCH's I'm interested in ?13:08
mdfe_Stskeeps: Are there toolchain changes planned in next mer release?13:08
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mdfe_vgrade: awesome :)13:09
lbtFYI Stskeeps is away today and this weekend13:09
vgradeyea, I noticed it earlier and knew you just started using fuse13:09
mdfe_ah ok13:09
mdfe_hi all :)13:10
lbtmdfe_: sounds like you should send that patch in to mer-core :)13:10
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lbtlog a bug too so we can mark it high in the triage on monday13:11
mdfe_fuse is allready in mer core?13:11
vgradeno its not in core its in CE:Utils13:11
* lbt doesn't have the same intimate knowledge of the package list ... sry13:11
*** swer has joined #mer13:11
vgradebranch, from there create the patch then submit to Sage sound sane?13:12
Sagevgrade: yes sounds sane :)13:13
lbtthis is where vendors should look at co-operating in a project layered on top of mer core13:13
vgradewe try13:14
mdfe_Sage: our fuse is a branch of yours13:14
*** jargon- has joined #mer13:14
mdfe_so I will send a submit request soon13:14
Sagemdfe_: I have no idea where you got yous :)13:14
*** slx has quit IRC13:15
Stskeepsmdfe, eglibc2.1513:17
Sagemdfe_: When you have couple of hours of spare time to reorder some Project:KDE:Devel stuff let me know.13:17
slainelbt, thanks13:18
slaineI might take a look at that after my OBS bring up scramble13:18
*** Openfree` has quit IRC13:20
mdfe_Sage: I will do so13:21
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*** xucdsp_ has joined #mer13:40
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mdfe_Sage: I hope this submit request will work with boss13:57
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*** jluisn has joined #mer14:10
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mdfe_lbt: hi14:14
mdfe_lbt: I see some strange build for mer_next armv7l14:15
mdfe_anything to worry about?14:15
mdfe_or just artefacts by updating mer_next?14:16
lbtthe release script missed some packages - have no clue how since there was no disk space issue14:16
lbtbeen a bit unwell this week and forgot to fix that14:17
*** Aurium has joined #mer14:17
lbtand right now I'm cursing LVM214:17
lbtI'll make a note14:17
mdfe_can you fix this?14:18
lbtyes, it's a release problem14:18
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*** jluisn has joined #mer14:19
mdfe_boss do not like me ;(14:20
lbthmm - it is a bit heavy to get into on your own14:21
lbtthe language error reporting is a bit of a mess in the current version14:21
mdfe_hm, its a bit heavy to fork a hole project to send acceptable submit request for boss14:24
mdfe_it will only accepted in case the source of the submit request has the same build targets as the destination14:25
mdfe_so far I understand14:26
lbtthat seems entirely sane :)14:26
mdfe_of cource, but a bit overkill14:26
*** tommis has quit IRC14:26
lbtOK - let me put it this way.... that's not BOSS making that decision14:27
lbtBOSS is a rules/process engine14:27
lbtthe CE project decided that it would only accept SRs for code that people had built against CE14:27
lbtie a user must at least do a test build against CE before asking for a review14:28
mdfe_is there a chanche to make the rules some more easy?14:28
mdfe_maybe by a additional human reviewer?14:28
lbtBOSS can do that, yes14:29
lbtwill CE want that?14:29
lbtdon't know14:29
mdfe_me neither14:30
lbtso I'm aware that you have 2 things going on14:30
*** jonwil has joined #mer14:30
lbt1) you want to send fuse to CE14:30
lbt2) you're seeing BOSS working14:30
lbtin this case 2) is acting as a barrier - you are supposed to do some checks before 1) and BOSS is not bothering CE with it until you do them14:31
mdfe_yes, I like to send an build fix to ce14:31
mdfe_ok, this means I have to 1. create a hole new project, copypac fuse and add the same environment as in CE14:33
lbtnormally you'd osc branch the CE fuse14:33
mdfe_yes I did14:33
lbtwork on it, build it, sr it back14:33
lbtwell, no... you may have done that a while back - but this SR is from Project:KDE:Devel / fuse14:34
mdfe_thats the branch14:34
lbtso it hasn't got the build targets it should have with a normal "osc branch"14:34
vgradeI think the issue is we have two copies of fuse going on here14:35
mdfe_I have to use osc branch to get fuse into Project:KDE:Devel ?14:35
lbtmdfe_: so conceptually what you're doing is copying a package directly from Ubuntu to Debian and doing all the QA in Ubuntu ...14:36
mdfe_I know the reason of this boss rule14:37
lbtso the normal process is to do "osc branch CE:Utils fuse"14:37
*** kthomas_vh_ has quit IRC14:37
lbtyou still should do that14:37
lbtthen you can copypac the KDE:Utils fuse to it14:38
mdfe_isn't it a branch?14:38
lbtno, it's a link14:38
lbta branch would also setup the build targets14:38
*** kthomas_vh_ has joined #mer14:38
mdfe_ah ok14:38
lbtfrom running : osc branch CE:Utils fuse14:39
mdfe_and how do you add the build patch?14:40
mdfe_via copypac from Project:KDE:Devel / fuse ?14:41
*** kthomas_vh_ has quit IRC14:42
lbtnormally you'd checkout and if you had a 'proper' VCS you'd be using it :)14:42
lbtversion control system14:42
lbtOBS way of doing this is ... not to my taste14:42
lbtOBS is a godawful SCM (better ?)14:43
lbtI'm working on using git in a much more sensible way14:44
*** kthomas_vh_ has joined #mer14:44
lbtI would rather think of SRs as slightly intelligent copypac14:44
mdfe_git is my favourite as well14:45
lbtyou'll like what I/we have planned to merge git and packaging then (I hope)14:48
mdfe_I know the mer delivery system, do you plan more stuff with git in collaboration with obs?14:51
lbtthis is very much a WIP14:52
mdfe_do you plan to change internals of obs?14:52
mdfe_are you in contact with adrian about this?14:53
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer14:53
lbtnot about this specific task14:53
lbtI'm still working it out14:53
lbtThe OBS design also tends to be a bit ... monolithic14:54
lbtI think the got burned in the past by having too many multiple systems ... so now it all gets pulled into OBS14:54
lbtan example is the SR workflow14:54
*** niqt has quit IRC14:56
*** clopez has joined #mer14:56
mdfe_OBS is a complex beast14:56
lbtthat's my concern14:56
lbtmdfe_: can you see that gitweb page?14:57
mdfe_which one? the osc.git?14:57
lbtat the bottom are 2 heads ... look at the tree for mer-pkg14:58
lbtin there look at _src14:58
lbtnow look at the tree for mer-master;a=tree;h=refs/heads/mer-master;hb=mer-master14:58
lbtthat is a clone of the upstream osc git tree ... with mer patches applied using git14:59
mdfe_I get it15:00
mdfe_seriously a lot of work15:01
lbtI'm getting ther15:01
lbtand less than you'd think15:01
mdfe_will take a closer look at the weekend15:03
lbtgah konversation is being a pita15:03
mdfe_great thanks to get me an insight15:04
lbtnp mainly it's about "not" writing code - instead pull together work that has already been done15:05
*** jonwil has quit IRC15:05
mdfe_bleh, now hit me the other issue15:06
mdfe_are I'm able to send submit request with this build issues?15:06
lbtyes - it shouldn't care about -next15:07
mdfe_I will see15:07
lbtbut it may do - that'd be a bug in the CE process - and looking at the message on  - I think it will care15:07
lbtOK ... I'll look at that over the weekend15:08
*** netweaver has joined #mer15:12
*** netweaver_ has joined #mer15:12
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC15:18
*** Eren has joined #mer15:19
*** xucdsp_ has quit IRC15:25
*** netweaver has quit IRC15:28
*** netweaver_ has quit IRC15:28
*** mlfoster has joined #mer15:28
slainelbt, even after rebooting that's still not starting up the 586 scheduler15:32
lbtis it starting and shutting down at once?15:32
slaineoh hang on, if I reboot, I need to restart MDS15:33
slaineanyway, I've tweaked my setup so that I've 2 servers15:36
slaine1 older low powered server that's acting as the fe/be combined15:36
slaineand the larger server acting as the worker15:36
slaineI wanted to try setting it up a second time another way to ensure that I understood the process properly and also to make use of this server that I didn't want to just bin :)15:37
slaineright, so, I've got a combined frontend/backend that seems to be working ok15:40
slaineI've got MDS up and running also15:41
slaineThe only problem now is that it won't actually build anything.15:41
slaineThe status monitor page shows that i586 is dead15:41
slaineYet, armv7el and armv8el are listed and working15:42
slaineAs is x86_6415:42
slainearmv7l is still listed, I don't know where it's getting that from15:42
slainethe /etc/sysconfig/obs-server on both the worker and the backend match15:42
lbtps -ef | grep sched15:42
slaineThere's a perl process for each to the listed working ones15:43
*** xucdsp_ has joined #mer15:44
lbtbut none for i58615:44
lbtcd /usr/lib/obs/server/ ; ./bs_sched i58615:45
lbtthen :  rcobsscheduler stop15:45
lbtps -ef | grep sched15:45
lbtthen :  rcobsscheduler start15:45
slaineFYI, this is the entry in obs-server15:46
slaineOBS_SCHEDULER_ARCHITECTURES="i586 x86_64 armv7el armv8el"15:46
lbtyep - looks correct15:46
*** trip0 has joined #mer15:47
slaineI'll try the above15:47
slaineAh, got an error message when running it directly15:50
slaineUndefined subroutine &Build::get_sb2installs called at ./bs_sched line 643.15:50
slainewonder if I'm using the correct Mer OBS tools repo15:51
Sagemdfe_: boss giving you a hard time ;)15:51
lbtSage: kinda - broken release really15:52
* trip0 mers15:52
trip0vgrade, ping?15:54
*** NIN101 has joined #mer16:04
trip0where's mer's obs hanging at?16:04
*** Khaled has joined #mer16:04
slainelbt, any suggestions on where to look for get_sb2installs ?16:07
*** Aurium has quit IRC16:08
slainewondering if it's a perl module that I don't have installed or something16:08
lbtnot right now ... I've been beating my head aganst LVM for days and can't get my OBS trial system working16:08
*** kurtul has joined #mer16:11
slainelbt, no worries16:14
slaineI'm gripping around to see what I can see16:14
slaineI think it's the obs-server package16:14
*** tommis has joined #mer16:17
slaineok, looks like /usr/lib/obs/server/build is a symlink to /usr/lib/build16:17
slaineprovided by the "build" rpm16:17
slaineI'm wondering of thats a conflict with the OBS setup16:18
slaineit's an opens use package16:18
lbtit should be using the latest 'build'16:18
lbtfrom Mer Tools :/16:18
*** Khaled has quit IRC16:19
slaineright, I don't have Mer:Tools repo16:19
slainethat was only added to the obs worker16:19
slaineHmmm, adding tools repo doesn't update that.16:20
vgradetrip0, \o16:20
*** ali1234 has quit IRC16:24
trip0vgrade, idk how to tell what kernel i need16:24
trip0my serial number doesn't have any combination of 1n, 1f or 2m16:25
trip0i just tried the 1n version.  held down the power and vol- key.  It said it was entering mmc recovery mode, then booted to android16:26
trip0do you have that link from last night handy?16:26
* trip0 should have put the link on the wiki last night...16:26
slaineAm wondering if the Opensuse 11.4 upstream repo got an update for build that's broken the sb2 part16:27
*** xucdsp_ has quit IRC16:31
slaineWhat was the bug in lvm btw lbt ?16:34
lbt /lib/udev/rules.d/80-udisks.rules:KERNEL=="dm-*", OPTIONS+="watch"16:34
lbtneeded to dmsetup remove /dev/mapper/virt-obsw1--root-cow16:34
*** afiestas has joined #mer16:34
lbtwhich is .... broken16:34
slaineI think I might want
lbtslaine: yeah - I need to pull the right versions together16:38
trip0Stskeeps, has qt5 packaged?16:38
vgradetrip0 , there should be a serial number sticker with E7 and the model 1f,1n or 2m16:39
vgradeYou should not need to press buttons16:39
vgradeyou may have the 1GB version16:39
*** gimli has joined #mer16:40
*** gimli has joined #mer16:40
vgradesee for 1GB discussions16:41
vgradeyea thats the new model16:42
lbtvgrade: can someone beat the admins with a large lump of wood until they get an email gateway :)16:42
*** Timmy has joined #mer16:44
*** Timmy has joined #mer16:44
*** xucdsp_ has joined #mer16:44
slainelbt, that looks better16:44
vgradetrip0, so no Mer on that for a while yet, will ping you when I have something?16:45
*** NIN102 has joined #mer16:46
vgradelbt, email gateway?16:46
*** NIN101 has quit IRC16:48
lbtvgrade: yes - emai/forum gateway16:49
vgradeah yes I see now, I'll suggest it16:51
*** Timmy_ has joined #mer16:53
*** Timmy has quit IRC16:54
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC16:56
slainestill not working16:59
trip0vgrade, okay.  I wonder what the hw diff is with this one16:59
slainetired now and probably making silly mistakes16:59
slainewas hoping to have it building over the weeeknd16:59
vgradetrip0, I posted which has boot logs from each device.  Its a differnet main board so needs a new kernel17:02
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo17:02
*** achilles has joined #mer17:02
vgrade1f vs m3c71-1m17:03
vgradetrip0, soneone else received that model as well even though they ordered the 512MB model17:05
*** Timmy_ has quit IRC17:07
trip0mmm.  reading the thread.17:08
*** rippel has quit IRC17:10
trip0vgrade, does the autoscript work as posted in ?17:10
trip0yeh, i didn't think i was ordering a 1GB version either17:12
*** Timmy has joined #mer17:13
*** Timmy has joined #mer17:13
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*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC17:22
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*** dijenerate has quit IRC17:26
*** enc0de has quit IRC17:27
*** jluisn_ has quit IRC17:27
slaineif I run the bs_sched as root user it works fine17:29
*** xucdsp_ has joined #mer17:29
*** jluisn has joined #mer17:29
slaineif I run it via the init.d/obsscheduler if exits17:29
*** dijenerate has joined #mer17:29
slainebut only for i58617:30
slaineall other archs run fin17:30
*** jluisn has quit IRC17:39
*** jluisn has joined #mer17:39
vgradetrip0, yea autoscript is working just need a kernel17:43
*** lbt is now known as lbt_away17:45
*** jukkaeklund_ has quit IRC17:48
*** jluisn has quit IRC17:48
*** jluisn has joined #mer17:49
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*** gimli has joined #mer17:50
*** gimli has joined #mer17:51
Stskeepssledges: well, we're seeing more of the settings program than lipstick on that :)17:52
*** phaeron has joined #mer17:56
Stskeepshey phaeron o/17:56
phaeronloong time no see17:56
Stskeepshow are you doing? was getting worried :)17:57
phaeronyeah I was quite ill :(17:57
Stskeepshopefully you're better now, we all missed you :)17:58
phaeronthanks, I have been offline for some time, and missed a lot of things17:59
*** gabrbedd_ has joined #mer17:59
phaeronI am better now17:59
Stskeeps:nod: many things are still the same though, but things are moving ahead17:59
Stskeepsso should be possible to catch up fairly quickly18:00
*** Timmy_ has quit IRC18:00
phaeronspent today catching up before logging on , saw the n9 article on lwn (just opened for non-subscribers) nemo mer got mentioned there18:01
*** Timmy has joined #mer18:01
phaeronany coverage is good coverage ? :)18:01
Stskeepspretty much, it's all about mindshare18:01
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC18:01
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*** ali1234 has joined #mer19:16
trip0vgrade, awesome.  let me know if you need someone to test the new kernel19:17
*** InformatiQ has quit IRC19:20
*** Timmy_ has quit IRC19:36
*** disco_stu has joined #mer19:40
phaeronanyway gtg , see you tomorrow19:52
*** phaeron has quit IRC19:53
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*** sigkill_ has joined #mer20:20
Alison_ChaikenMentor automotive Linux job opening:
Alison_ChaikenSenior architect position, GNU/Linux based on Yocto, pushing upstream.20:21
Alison_ChaikenUS-Canada only regrettably, but works with Qt!20:21
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC20:23
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*** shanem_ is now known as shanem20:32
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*** notmart has joined #mer20:44
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_av500_Alison_Chaiken: hi :)21:16
*** xucdsp_ has quit IRC21:16
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*** niqt has joined #mer21:22
*** xucdsp_ has joined #mer21:29
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk21:30
*** clopez has joined #mer21:47
Alison_ChaikenHey, _av500.   You've been quiet on the G+ of late.21:57
Alison_ChaikenThe medications must be working.21:57
Alison_Chaiken(Dudes, that was a joke.)21:59
*** xucdsp_ has quit IRC21:59
_av500_you stopped posting trollworthy stuff :)22:00
*** niqt has quit IRC22:04
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Alison_Chaiken_av500_, I was travelling and annoying people in person for a change.22:22
*** mlfoster has quit IRC22:22
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vgradetrip0, wilko23:34
vgradeAlison_Chaiken, guess you made your choice23:35
*** xucdsp_ has joined #mer23:44
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