Monday, 2011-11-07

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Bostikvgrade: nice work with the webkit build, I've been working with and subjected to the fallout of results (difference in tarball size: 667MB vs. 24MB)06:00
Stskeepsi also have a patch for debugging symbols for webkit, makes the build a lot lighter06:01
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Stskeepssecond part06:12
Stskeepsdrops compressed debug symbols from 250 to 50 mb06:12
Bostikthat's neat06:13
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BostikI'll add that to my spec :)06:16
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Stskeepsthe >> build pre stuff in question :)06:16
Bostikyeah, exactly that06:18
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Stskeepsmorn bergie06:33
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vgradedm8tbr ping07:04
vgradedm8tbr, hi07:05
Stskeepsvgrade: that wordcloud link isn't working very well07:06
Stskeepsah, there07:06
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dm8tbrvgrade: moaning07:34
dm8tbrvgrade: need a directory? :)07:34
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vgradeyes mate, N950 please07:34
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Stskeepsmorn lamikr07:39
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lamikrStskeeps Morning07:44
dm8tbrvgrade: added you to the 'n900' group which has write access to the n900 and n950 directories07:49
vgradedm8tbr, thanks07:51
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Stskeepsmorn harbaum08:09
alteregoGuten tag, Ich bin eine Berliner.08:13
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slainemorning all08:14
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Stskeepsmorn alterego, slaine08:16
slainelooks like vgrade has been on fire this last weewk08:16
Stskeepsslaine: what was the last stopping point for the obs stuff08:17
slaineiirc, we agreed a proper structure for the local obs project and I've to get time to implement that, so home:glen:i586, home:glen:armv7hl etc.08:17
vgradealterego, slaine morning08:18
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slainevgrade: hey, nice work08:18
vgradeimage is up now ,
Stskeepsslaine: ah good08:21
xruxahow do people manage to use ~gitYYYMMDD in the versions of packages ... that is not allowed, is it?08:22
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Stskeepsxruxa: we cheat and do ~git<amount of commits>.<shortened sha>08:24
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xruxaStskeeps: but still the '~' char is the issue, isn't it?08:24
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Stskeepsnot in meego/mer08:27
Stskeeps4.8~foo < 4.808:27
xruxajust that osc refuses submit anything with those in version for me :( Says source_validator doe snot allow that :(08:28
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xruxahmmmm obs build says "Nothing provides qt-core >= 4.7.4" but works with 4.7.0. We do have 4.8~something, how is that possible ...08:38
Stskeepsxruxa: osc commit has a flag for ignoring source validator08:38
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Stskeepsslaine: happen to have a draft on OBS setup in general yet?08:42
slaineYup, I documented as I went Stskeeps, then I started from scratch to make sure I didn't miss anything (and I had :) )08:42
Stskeepsfeel free to put it on the mer wiki08:43
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alteregoWhat's the state of Mer on N9?09:04
Stskeepsstill somewhere to go for hardware adaptation though09:04
alteregoThank you :)09:04
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jarkko^llvmpipe would be perfect fit for qemu images of  linuxes10:38
jarkko^mer, meego, tizen whatever10:38
jarkko^good compromise between performance and working out-of-the-box10:38
jarkko^don't need to have any kind of special version of qemu10:38
jarkko^would have sufficient performance for many development cases10:39
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smokuvgrade: plasma on n950 looks *very* cool :)11:03
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vgradesmoku, just need the dialer11:31
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slaine vgrade is QtMediahub a QML demo only or does it actually play content ?14:03
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gabrbedddoes mer have any mailing lists or anything?14:04
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veskuhgabrbedd: see wiki:
veskuhgabrbedd: mailing lists
gabrbeddveskuh: thanks!14:08
berndhsassuming I'm subscribed correctly, the volume on the mailing list rivals the official tizen announcements14:09
veskuhberndhs:  true14:09
slaineOh cool, there's a mailing list now14:09
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veskuhthe infrastructure stuff has not been promoted yet14:13
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slaineStskeeps: when creating my local armv7hl project, should I call it armv7hl or should I call it armv8el ?14:26
slaineI'm still confused as to what OBS step requires the armv8el step14:27
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Stskeepsarmv7hl, project name doesnt do anything functional14:35
slaineStskeeps: what about the project arch ?14:44
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gabrbeddberndhs: well, it looks a smidgeon more active than meego-community ATM. :-)14:45
slaineStskeeps: ?14:50
Stskeepsslaine: that matters14:50
slaineso I'll leave that as armv8el14:51
Stskeepsa handy reference is the url in topic about building against mer in cobs14:51
slaineis there anything I have to do to OBS to let it know how to build armv8el ? i.e. what the gcc options are14:52
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slaine'cause once I import into i586, it starts building, once I import into armv7hl, it does nothing14:58
slainemy guess is that it doesn't know how to process <arch>armv8el</arch>14:58
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slainelbt: any suggestions15:02
slainecobs must have had some tweaks to it to get armv8el settings on there15:03
lbtwell, I'm doing a local 2.3 OBS/Mer deployment from scratch today15:03
lbtI've not gotten to the schedulers yet15:03
slainelbt, as have I been, and documenting it15:04
lbtcool - where?15:04
slainelocal text file15:04
slaineI'll be putting it on the wiki once it's verified15:04
lbtOK - I'm looking at
slainebut the schedulers part for doing armv7hl builds is eluding me15:05
lbtdo you have an armvel scheduler running15:06
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lbtcheck OBS_SCHEDULER_ARCHITECTURES="..." in /etc/sysconfig/obs-server ?15:07
slaineYeah, just spotted that in the docs, was about to post it here15:09
slaineI'll check15:09
lbtOBS_SCHEDULER_ARCHITECTURES="i586 x86_64 armv7el armv8el"  on cobs FWIW15:10
slainecool, that's what I just put in mine (well, I removed x86_64)15:10
slainegiving it another shot15:10
lbt(it's useful for building tools)15:10
slaineHmm, ok, I'll put it back15:11
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vgradeslaine, it does do media just not on the trimslice due to missing video bits for tegra15:13
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niqti have started two month ago (for meego CE), do you think that it's is useful also for nemo?15:32
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arc_matall the same faces, on all the same channels ;)15:37
arc_matmaybe someone can help me out with a question: in the mer obs build, what is the definition on armv7el, armv8el archs?15:38
arc_matoh, I see, bug #15902 ;)15:40
*** norayr is now known as arnet15:40
dm8tbrarc_mat: armv8 is armv7 with hardfloat in disguise15:40
arc_matand what is armv7hl, then?15:40
arc_matI thought that was "armv7 arch, hardfp and le"?15:41
dm8tbrarc_mat: next SDE will be mer+plasma-active? :)15:41
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dm8tbrI guess Stskeeps is the know-it-all on those things15:42
vgradearmv7el and armv8el are the OBS scheduler names used.  armv7el bulds armv7l and armv6l (soft fp ABI) and armv8e builds armv7hl (hard fp)15:42
arc_matvgrade: ok, thanks15:42
vgradedon't know what we are going to do when we start building for the new armv8 parts15:43
arc_matvgrade: cry, I guess..15:43
vgradehopefully not an armv9el15:43
dm8tbrthe good thing is that they are still a bit down the road, but yes...15:43
*** mlfoster has joined #mer15:43
dm8tbra sustainable solution would be nice15:44
arc_mat+1 is not sustainable ? ;)15:44
dm8tbrit is, with considerable work markup ;)15:44
vgrademdfe_ hi15:44
mdfe_vgrade: hi :)15:44
*** ali1234 has joined #mer15:45
mdfe_awesome work with the N95015:45
vgradeany of you guys tried it15:45
arc_matmdfe_: so I guess we build armv7el (obs speak)? and switch to armv8el when the situation about the SGX hardfp libraries has cleared up?15:45
vgradejust integrating the great work on Mer and Plasma15:45
*** harbaum has quit IRC15:45
mdfe_I will, but sadly I'm totally busy15:45
mdfe_arc_mat: agreed15:46
dm8tbrarc_mat: that seems to be the silent consensus15:46
arc_matdm8tbr: maybe no that silent, even ;)15:46
vgradethere are some stats on the linaro site re hard vs softfp15:46
mdfe_arc_mat: plasma active build for armv7el based on Mer_Core_armv7l will be finished soon15:46
arc_matdm8tbr: I heard that hardfp brings considerable fps gain, so it's probably worth it15:47
arc_matthen again other people tell me that this is all rubbish ;)15:47
*** antoniojasr has joined #mer15:48
dm8tbrarc_mat: I also heard that the n900 meego adaptation had some 'noticeable' performance gain. dunno if it was measured though15:48
vgradepovray benchies showed a x4 to x7 increase but other benchies showed little improvement15:48
dm8tbryeah, but I seldomly let povray render my UX in real time ;)15:48
mdfe_we should find I better solution for the architecture name soon, it is too confusing at the moment15:48
arc_matvgrade: oh, povray. that should benefit of course, it's a lot of floating point work.15:49
dm8tbrreal gains will be somewhat less, but could be still noticeable, once there are more hfp drivers15:49
arc_matvgrade: depending on the opengl implementation, there is also something to gain, I think15:49
dm8tbrtoo bad omap3 and tegra2 are the only ones at the moment15:50
arc_matmdfe_: it might make sense to adopt -mfpu=neon, but let's check on that later15:51
vgradeand omap4 I think15:51
mdfe_arc_mat: ok15:51
*** niqt has quit IRC15:53
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*** phdeswer has joined #mer15:54
arc_matlooks like the only relevant improvements are with povray, everything else is only slightly faster or even slightly slower15:56
arc_matthe whole gtkperf stuff is screwed anyway15:57
dm8tbrI'd like to see side by side comparisons on a device15:57
vgradecxl000 was bulding glmark2 hard and soft for mer15:58
slainedidn't linaro do these tests and decided that hardfp made enough of a difference for it to be the standard ?15:58
*** lynxis has quit IRC15:59
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lbtStskeeps: ping .... fakeobs is failing somehow on osc build16:01
lbtlooking into it atm16:02
mdfe_lbt: hi, is there any solution for the missing disk space to build monsters like e.g. qt?16:04
lbtactually I saw something that may help16:04
mdfe_it would be awesome16:05
*** andre__ has quit IRC16:06
Stskeepslbt: give me an error\16:14
*** tagunil has joined #mer16:14
lbtosc -A cobs api /source/Mer:fake:Core:i586/_meta16:14
lbtresponse validation error: Start tag expected, '&lt;' not found16:14
lbtrunning "osc build"16:15
*** antoniojasr has quit IRC16:15
Stskeepsdoes builds work on obs itself?16:15
lbtnot trying that yet16:15
lbtwaiting for RAM in post :)16:16
lbtI'm carrying on looking at it .... just FYI in case you know what it is16:16
Stskeepsi can first investigate later tonight16:16
mdfe_Stskeeps: hi, I ran into a toolchain bug for  Mer_Core_armv7hl; armv8el16:16
Stskeepsmdfe_: excellent16:16
mdfe_Stskeeps: not really but any idea where should I send a bug report?16:17
slaineInitial draft available online at my server for now,
Stskeepslbt: check curl http://shell:8001/public/source/Core:i586/_meta16:17
arc_matslaine: well if they decided based on the benchmarks vgrade posted above, I want some of what they smoked.16:18
Stskeepsmdfe_: mer mailing list16:18
Stskeepsarc_mat: hardfp gave a visible fps/interactive improvement for us16:18
arc_matStskeeps: measurable?16:19
Stskeepsand its just far saner to use float registers in function passing16:19
*** leinir has quit IRC16:19
Stskeepsarc_mat: yes, fps measurements, objective not subjective16:19
Stskeepsmdfe_: yes16:19
arc_matStskeeps: but that's not in the link posted above, from linaro, I guess?16:20
Stskeepsarc_mat: i am on my n950 so cant see it16:20
Stskeepsnor click urls that easily16:20
*** leinir has joined #mer16:21
Stskeepsarc_mat: either way, we arent hung up on abis in mer, we support both16:26
slaineTime to commute, I'll be around again on Thursday16:29
vgrademdfe_ your gcc bug in that webkit 2.2 package, I noticed it yesterday16:29
Sage_gcc: error: unrecognized option '--soname,../../../../system/players/dvdplayer/'16:30
Stskeepsslaine: thanks for the txt16:30
Sage_Stskeeps: ^ Faced that with mer?16:30
slaineStskeeps: thanks for the help16:30
StskeepsSage_: not offhand16:30
*** berndhs_meego has joined #mer16:30
*** slaine has quit IRC16:30
Sage_Just enabled my old xbmc compile and all builds stopped to that.16:30
Sage_Last compile was with meego 1.2 probably16:31
*** javiF has quit IRC16:31
Sage_Mainly wondering if there is some general fix for that with the newer gcc16:32
arc_matmdfe_: hmm, the kernel config might need more tweaking. I see that the omap3 stuff is enabled together with omap4. not sure that's a good idea. It's not a maintained configuration16:35
arc_matwe hacked around a bit to have SMP_ON_UP support and stuff, but it's not "production" quality, you know...16:36
*** shanem has joined #mer16:38
mdfe_arc_mat: do you have the time to create and send me a more suiting config?16:39
arc_matmdfe_: just looking into it16:39
arc_matmdfe_: we will probably also update the kernel on git slightly to have the debug uart included for all devices...16:40
arc_matmdfe_: because it looks like there is no support for that yet16:41
mdfe_arc_mat: this would be awesome16:41
Stskeeps archos devices?16:41
*** ali1234 has quit IRC16:43
*** ali1234 has joined #mer16:44
arc_matStskeeps: yup16:44
mdfe_absolutely cool :)16:48
Stskeepsmdfe_: i presume the sigsegv is unrelated to cobs tmpfs workers16:48
mdfe_Ok, this means I can build on my local machine and public the package?16:49
Stskeepsno, i am just trying to rootcause: it happens on all cobs workers?16:49
mdfe_I see16:49
Stskeepsie, every time?16:49
mdfe_sadly yes16:50
mdfe_I tried it about four times16:50
Stskeepsa reproducable bug is a good thing16:50
*** slx has joined #mer16:50
mdfe_and every time at the same line16:50
Stskeepschances are similar issue appears elsewhere16:51
*** smoku has quit IRC16:51
Stskeepsmdfe_: this is qtwebkit 2.216:52
mdfe_yepp it is16:52
*** arcean_ has joined #mer16:53
*** arcean has quit IRC16:54
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean16:54
*** swerden has quit IRC16:54
arc_matmdfe_: we'll push a new kernel tomorrow17:00
arc_matmdfe_: late afternoon I guess17:00
arc_matmdfe_: regarding the kernel config, please use the linux.config from inside the git repo as your base, not the linux_devel.config17:01
arc_matmdfe_: you'll need to do the commandline change again, of course17:01
mdfe_ arc_mat: greate thanks :)17:01
mordon se kyllä niinkin, unsigned kun on17:04
*** crevetor has quit IRC17:04
morderr, wrong chan17:04
mdfe_lbt: you are overhauling some workerstuff ? because only one is available at the moment17:04
lbtit's a good one though!17:05
lbtapparently the worker code notices changes on the backend and pulls in the new code without waiting for me to test it17:06
lbthint ... this is a bad idea17:06
mdfe_lbt: just take the time you need17:06
lbtwell, that's now patched to allow local overrides of tmpfs17:07
lbtso pub4 has 10Gb tmpfs and 8Gb RAM17:07
lbtalso has 12 cores dedicated to 1 job.... and it's preferred for Qt17:07
mdfe_sound awesome17:07
lbt16 cores17:08
lbtso yeah , should now build Qt17:08
mdfe_*finger crossing*17:09
lbtI need to tell the schedulers too17:09
*** crevetor has joined #mer17:23
_av500_mdfe_: if you need help wrt the kernel, feel free to ping me17:26
_av500_(since I do the GPL releases)17:26
arc_matmdfe_: I can see that it boots into the rootfs17:30
arc_matmdfe_: please also add "rootwait" to the commandline17:30
lbtmdfe_: retry qt sometime17:30
lbtit should hit pubworker04 and be OK there17:30
arc_matmdfe_: I'll log the console output and send it to you, maybe it helps17:32
mdfe__av500_: greate thanks, I will do this if I need help17:34
mdfe_arc_mat: awesome, in between I have triggert a new image build for armv7l17:34
arc_matmdfe_: can you point me to a working linux config, maybe from the tegra2 build?17:35
mdfe_lbt: rebuild is in progress, lets see if it works :)17:35
lbtnah - it went to the wrong worker17:35
mdfe_arc_mat: mom17:35
arc_matmdfe_: seems there is a lot of dependencies for meego that we didn't enable, like inotify and stuff17:35
lbtyay - right one this time17:36
*** lamikr has quit IRC17:36
*** drussell has quit IRC17:37
arc_matmdfe_: thanks. "let's see what we can do" ;)17:38
mdfe_arc_mat: greate thanks :)17:38
*** javiF has joined #mer17:43
*** Hoolxi has quit IRC17:47
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC17:52
Stskeepslbt: fakeobs still messing up?17:55
*** crevetor has quit IRC17:55
Stskeepslbt: looks OK to me17:56
*** drussell has joined #mer17:56
Stskeepsmdfe_: give me the project name your qtwebkit is in, please17:56
*** lamikr has joined #mer17:56
mdfe_Stskeeps: Project:KDE:Mer_Extras17:57
*** sandroandrade has joined #mer17:57
Stskeepsi'm going to replicate on my own setup17:57
Stskeepsand follow up on mailing list17:58
mdfe_np, I will send you submit request in future17:58
lbtStskeeps:    osc -A cobs co Mer:fake:Core:i586 acl17:58
lbtcd Mer:fake:Core:i586/acl17:58
mdfe_for all updated stuff17:58
lbtosc repos17:58
lbtresponse validation error: Start tag expected, '&lt;' not found17:58
Stskeepslbt: yes, that's a OBS bug17:58
Stskeepslbt: it can't see repos over the wire AFAIK17:59
Stskeepslbt: could you try it just now while i'm observing the nohup.log?17:59
lbthence : osc build fails :)17:59
Stskeepslbt: AFAIK that happened on too17:59 - - [07/Nov/2011 17:59:36] "GET /public/source/Core:i586/acl/_meta HTTP/1.1" 200 -17:59 - - [07/Nov/2011 17:59:38] "GET /public/source/Core:i586/_meta HTTP/1.1" 200 -17:59
lbtfakeobs is looking OK18:00
mdfe_arc_mat: greate thanks for the archos boot log :)18:00
*** slx is now known as swerden18:01
Stskeepslbt: bug in OBS.. make a project, add the repos as repos18:01
lbtare you suggesting a workaround or a way to tickle the bug?18:02
Stskeepsi'm suggesting a workaround18:02
Stskeepsit's a bug in OBS, we deliver perfectly fine data18:02
Stskeepsi think i saw it on link too18:02
lbtOK, I see18:02
*** lynxis has joined #mer18:03
*** harha has joined #mer18:18
Stskeeps'lo harri :)18:20
*** NIN101 has quit IRC18:20
harhahello Carsten18:21
harhaYou seem to have full house here18:21
Stskeepshehe, yeah - a fair bunch of activity - from N900/N950/N9 we have this place and #nemomobile18:21
harhaIt looks like someone may have additions to pandaboard section on wiki ..18:22
Stskeepsyeah, sage finally succeeded with the pvr chip on pnada18:23
Stskeepslooking forward to seeing how it runs in practice18:23
wmarone_oh? hardfp drivers for the SGX540?18:23
Stskeepswmarone_: we have softfp mer too18:23
harhaDo you know if linaro has been working on hard fp ?18:24
Stskeepsyes they have, though i'm not sure what their latest status is18:24
Stskeepsfedora, opensuse is hardfp now at least18:24
vgradearch also have it18:24
harhaDo they have SGX drivers ?18:24
Stskeepsdon't think they're at that level yet18:25
Stskeepsof the graphics chips drivers, i've seen nvidia tegra2 and iMX/freescale having hardfp drivers18:25
*** mdavey has quit IRC18:25
Stskeepswhich is probably the least likely i had expected to be first with those drivers :)18:25
Stskeepsso, in due time, perhaps18:26
Stskeepsmeanwhile, mer builds for both18:27
mdfe_lbt: greate thanks, qt build on pubworker04 (x86_64) was successfully :)18:29
Stskeepsmdfe_: ah, qtwebkit is such a lovely 770mb..18:29
mdfe_Stskeeps: yepp, sadly it is really huge and I added a source service18:30
vgrade770MB of source!18:31
*** arnet has quit IRC18:31
Stskeepslbt: where on earth does lighttpd/obs put files while they're being uploaded?18:35
berndhsthere was talk a few days ago on qt-project, qtwebkit2 needs > 8GB memory to compile18:37
Stskeepsbetter build time than runtime18:38
berndhsso for many people, don't try this at home18:38
*** anYc has joined #mer18:38
berndhssure its better at compile time if it runs efficiently18:38
harhaStskeeps: Is there any easy way to compile those sgx drivers for hardfb without OBS (if someone has access to sources) ?18:40
harhaOr would it be local copy of OBS ?18:41
Stskeepsharha: it's easy to build them yes if you have the sources, like we do in N900 but they're usually dependent on specific SoC's18:44
harhayes they are ..18:45
*** CmdrCoriander_ has quit IRC18:46
harhaStskeeps: if someone has build android adaptation to omap4 based device, I quess that adaptation does not include those drivers ?18:47
*** NIN101 has joined #mer18:47
Stskeepsharha: uncertain, it may and it may not, may be the same source tree18:48
anYchi, is there any source I can poll for the status of the n900-adaption?18:48
*** norayr has joined #mer18:48
StskeepsanYc: #nemomobile , but feel free to ask here18:48
harhaStskeeps: What exactly they should look for in their source tree (for those drivers) ?18:49
Stskeepsharha: look at the WSEGLs18:49
Stskeepsjust like i had a wayland one18:49
*** norayr has quit IRC18:50
arc_matmdfe_: question: what is that, and is it fatal? [    2.855163] <30>systemd-stdout-syslog-bridge[1247]: Failed to accept new connection: Function not implemented18:51
mdfe_arc_mat: mom18:51
arc_matmdfe_: next question: why is tath18:53
mdfe_For all how like to take also a look:
harhaStskeeps: speaking about your wayland exercise, was/is that driver for omap3 only ?18:54
Stskeepsharha: could work for omap4 probably, but i haven't looked closely18:54
Stskeepsarc_mat: kernel version?18:54
mdfe_I think18:54
Stskeepsmdfe_: might need accept4 wired up18:54
harhastskeeps: But that stuff is not enough for xwindows anyway ?18:55
Stskeepsharha: not enough for a full x11 correc18:55
anYcStskeeps: thx18:55
harhaStskeeps; Ok, Thank you ;)18:55
*** javiF has quit IRC18:56
mdfe_arc_mat: hm, are you pointing to newer log?18:57
arc_matmdfe_: no, that should be also in the log I sent you18:57
arc_matmdfe_: but it's indeed newer18:57
arc_matmdfe_: let me share, just a second18:57
harhajoin #nemomobile18:57
arc_matmdfe_: sent18:59
mdfe_Stskeeps: Sorry I do not understand what you mean with 'accept4 wired up'18:59
arc_matmaybe we need to backport support for the accept4 syscall ...18:59
mdfe_arc_mat: uh, sounds like work19:00
arc_matStskeeps: but accept4 is pretty standard, what do you mean by "wired up"?19:01
Stskeepsarc_mat: it wasn't wired up on ARM until .37 or something19:01
Stskeepsour kernel headers are on .37 i think19:02
vgradealso needs CONFIG_ options for systemd19:03
araujoStskeeps, you  guys are removing meegotouch for Mer ?19:03
arc_matmdfe_: that looks pretty easy, can you integrate that patch?19:03
mdfe_I will try19:03
vgradeah no sorry, just systemd patches from the N950 kernel adaptation19:04
vgradeand this patch
arc_matmdfe_: maybe we should open a downstream on gitorious, for the archos gpl kernel, so that we have a repo for mer related patches?19:05
arc_matmdfe_: or wherever it's convenient19:05
mdfe_arc_mat: sounds good19:06
Stskeepsaraujo: mer doesn't see libmeegotouch, that's a nemo thing :)19:06
Stskeepsaraujo: mer doesn't contain libmeegotouch, just qt+qt mobility+qt webkit19:06
araujoStskeeps, aah right, nemo :P19:06
*** mdavey has joined #mer19:07
*** javiF has joined #mer19:07
arc_matmdfe_: looks like you can take more stuff from the n950 adaptation, they use the same wifi chip19:08
arc_matmdfe_: wl127119:08
mdfe_arc_mat: ouch the wire-up-sys_accept4-on-ARM.patch does not apply :(19:09
arc_matmdfe_: I see... I'll fix it and send you a patch rebased on our kernel19:09
vgradeStskeeps, I thought the accept4 stuff only provided a performance improvement19:10
mdfe_arc_mat: awesome :)19:10
* araujo surfs around the whole load of OBS repos 19:11
*** RhymeswA has left #mer19:11
arc_matmdfe_: hmm, syscall number collision. 365 on our kernel is NR_recvmsg19:11
arc_matmdfe_: when you build the image, are the syscall numbers taken from the actual kernel source? Or is there a separate kernel header package?19:12
mdfe_arc_mat: wl1271-module-alias.patch also do not apply19:12
arc_matmdfe_: yes, just leave the wl1271 stuff aside for the moment, let's concentrate on getting the system up first19:12
mdfe_arc_mat: sorry I have to check19:12
arc_matStskeeps: ^^^19:13
arc_matStskeeps: forget it. there is no collision19:13
Stskeepsarc_mat: userland is built against kernel-headers package19:13
arc_matmdfe_: all good19:13
Stskeepsvgrade: i've seen wayland break19:13
arc_matStskeeps: it's all good, NR_accept4 is syscall 365, recvmsg is 36619:14
vgradeStskeeps, ok19:14
*** crevetor has joined #mer19:15
*** Mordae has quit IRC19:16
Stskeepscrevetor: cool picture :)19:16
vgradehp pad?19:17
*** smoku has joined #mer19:20
Stskeepssmoku: did you see the hardfp iMX drivers btw?19:21
arc_matmdfe_: patch sent19:23
mdfe_arc_mat: sorry I have to get the bus now, greate thanks and cya19:23
arc_matmdfe_: ok, let's continue another time19:23
mdfe_arc_mat: I will take care on this tomorrow morning19:23
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC19:24
* Stskeeps boots a kvm with qtwebkit19:24
smokuStskeeps: nope. there were rumors, but I didn't see a live specimen yet19:25
Stskeepssmoku: spotted it at
arc_matStskeeps: yes, adding accept4 fixed the systemd, however there's already the next failure, which is about systemd-readahead-collect19:28
arc_matStskeeps: systemd[1]: Unit systemd-readahead-collect.service entered failed state.19:28
arc_matStskeeps: systemd-readahead-collect[1039]: Failed to create fanotify object: Function not implemented19:29
Stskeepssee vgrade's list of things you ought to have in kernel config19:29
Stskeepsvgrade: ?19:29
arc_matvgrade: pretty please ;)19:29
*** Jonno has joined #mer19:31
crevetorarc_mat: fanotify isn't mandatory19:32
crevetorarc_mat: what kernel are you using ?19:32
Stskeepsseems to be in .3619:32
crevetorYou're probably going to have problems with logind then, you'll need this :;a=commit;h=fbc92a3455577ab17615cbcb91826399061bd78919:33
crevetorWhich requires this :;a=commit;h=96fd7ce58ffb5c7bf376796b5525ba3ea1c9d69f19:34
smokuStskeeps: very good find. THANKS :D19:37
*** ThreeM has joined #mer19:37
Stskeepssmoku: no idea about licensing19:37
smokuStskeeps: I guess it's safe to assume the same as softfp ones19:38
arc_matcrevetor: argh. do they have nothing else to do than moving stuff around?19:38
arc_matStskeeps: any idea what is needed to hook up the backlight controls? I'm still booting into emergency mode, but should I not see at least a banner on the display?19:39
Stskeepsarc_mat: add a systemd service that echo'es the right spot? and no, we don't really typically have a splash19:40
arc_matStskeeps: :)19:40
Stskeepswe are fairly serious when we say it's just a core ;)19:40
arc_matStskeeps: ok, I'll let mdfe_ handle the system fiddling. I'm just the kernel guy19:40
smokuStskeeps: what about that pretty Mer animation? :>19:44
Stskeepssmoku: hehe, some day ;)19:45
*** xgoan has joined #mer19:51
*** xgoan has quit IRC19:51
crevetorarc_mat: what hardware are you working on ?19:52
arc_matcrevetor: Archos A80S19:52
crevetorit's out ?19:54
arc_matwft, tmpfs acls? someone is sure paranoid19:54
crevetorsystemd loves brand new kernel options19:55
dm8tbrarc_mat: is the SDE out too?19:56
arc_matdm8tbr: now, what am I working on right now?19:56
arc_matdm8tbr: so, nope, not yet ;)19:56
dm8tbrarc_mat: ah, so it _is_ going to be plasma/mer, cool beans :)19:56
smokuno more Angstrom?  yay! :D20:00
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC20:02
*** javiF has quit IRC20:04
arc_matmeh :( systemd[1]: Failed to open /dev/autofs: No such file or directory20:12
arc_matsystemd[1]: Job failed with result 'dependency'.20:12
* arc_mat calls it a day20:12
Stskeepsdoing good progress though20:12
arc_matnot an exhaustive list, though20:13
*** harbaum has joined #mer20:14
arc_matokay, lads 'n lassies, read you later20:14
vgradearc_mat, sorry commuting, I think Stskeeps linked the options anyway,20:19
arc_matvgrade: no worries, I think i'm almost there. just a couple more hours20:20
vgradeI think FANOTIFY is recommended for readahead. Also CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS20:22
*** harbaum has quit IRC20:24
Sage_hmmp... it seems that pandaboard and n950 have the same bt, wifi and fm chips.20:27
*** mlfoster has quit IRC20:27
Ans5ivgrade: paranoid_andriod? :)20:28
Sage_so I'm thinking more about ti-common adaptation section :)20:28
Sage_harha: evening20:28
vgradeAns5i, yes , wasted a long time on that one.  it stops non root processes from using the network stack20:28
Sage_I'm guessing that as we have distribution rights for n950 firmware already nothing prevents us using those with pandaboard as well, right?20:29
Ans5ivgrade: yeah, just wondered the _andriod20:29
StskeepsSage_: well, read the licenses, but i don't recall an issue offhand20:29
Sage_hmmp.. the firmware version in ubuntu is a lot newer though.20:30
Sage_Stskeeps: maybe we should check if we need to sync n950 firmwares anyway btw.20:30
Sage_anyway time for investigation tomorrow. Also the pvr driver seems to have some performance issues. got only ~14fps with meegotouchhome and compositor20:32
Stskeepsthat doesn't sound right20:32
Sage_but compositor run fine as well as the gles sample app you gave the url20:32
Stskeepsperhaps TFP isn't working correctly20:33
Stskeepsgrab egl-utils from mesa and run eglinf20:33
Sage_will do tomorrow. Left panda at workdesk tomorrow :P20:33
Sage_Managed to figure out the reason for my NAS failure. One disk broke down and NAS went nuts. :/20:34
Stskeepsah, that's not really how a NAS is supposed to react :P20:34
Sage_yes, don't know yet what is wrong, but will investigate more some other day. Still have my old NAS working.20:35
Sage_Was able to read the data from working drive fine with ubuntu so that is a relief for future. Data not totally lost if device breaks :)20:36
Sage_^ same chip as in N950 for BT, WiFi and FM?20:39
Sage_and N920:39
Sage_hard to find proper references mainly our packages found with google :)20:40
Stskeepsthey're related at least20:40
Stskeepsok, time for sleep, am exhausted20:40
Stskeepssee you tomorrow20:42
Sage_cya, good night20:42
lbtStskeeps: found a kind of fix for remote repos20:44
*** schmittlauch has joined #mer20:53
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer20:53
Sage_eh, might be hard to get a replacement for my HDD now :/20:54
dm8tbrSage_: yes, that should be the chip, or it's wilink7, hard to be really sure20:54
*** mlfoster has joined #mer20:57
schmittlauchdoes anyone here know if the plasma-active adption is working nice on n900?21:00
*** bash` has joined #mer21:01
*** bash` has joined #mer21:01
schmittlauchor is it too slow/buggy?21:01
Velmontschmittlauch: Someone put a youtube video up. Looked a bit laggy.21:02
schmittlauchok.. thx21:04
schmittlauchlike the meego CE21:04
schmittlauchn900 is such old, but there's no alternative to it (if you're not one of the lucky guys who got a n950) :(21:05
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:06
*** phdeswer has quit IRC21:10
*** schmittlauch has quit IRC21:12
*** norayr has joined #mer21:21
*** buser has joined #mer21:28
kyb3Ror if community in your area has not set up Local Device Program21:29
*** phaeron has joined #mer21:31
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC21:44
*** niqt has joined #mer21:46
*** jjmarin has joined #mer21:58
*** crevetor has quit IRC22:00
*** harha has quit IRC22:04
*** bigbluehat has quit IRC22:13
DocScrutinizermeh, I'd give away my N950 for half a dozen new N90022:14
*** bash` has quit IRC22:16
*** buser has quit IRC22:22
*** notmart has quit IRC22:22
*** phaeron has quit IRC22:22
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:37
*** cxl000 has joined #mer22:43
*** xruxa has quit IRC22:44
norayrI need hardware keyboard a lot. I think even if I have n9 I'll use my n900 more.22:44
norayrThat's why I indeed need an n950.22:44
*** drussell has quit IRC22:51
*** niqt has quit IRC23:08
*** Thomas___ is now known as _Thomas23:16
*** mdavey has quit IRC23:20
*** smoku has left #mer23:23
*** mlfoster has quit IRC23:33
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer23:33
*** neotrino has quit IRC23:35
*** jjmarin has quit IRC23:35
*** neotrino has joined #mer23:36
*** trbs has quit IRC23:42
*** norayr has quit IRC23:47
*** lamikr has quit IRC23:54
*** berndhs_meego has left #mer23:55

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